Monday, March 29, 2010

My weekend

It was a good weekend. Saturday we went and celebrated Easter at my Aunt Nancy's house. It is always a lot of fun. And this year Rillz was able to come by. The adults had an egg toss. Heidi/Ren and me/Rillz were the last ones standing. Heidi and Rens egg dropped SO many times and never broke. Cheaters. But we put up a good fight. Mine splattered all over my hands. The little ones had an egg hunt. Always a fun event. And then we all played/listened to music and us girls danced a couple songs.

The music men

Heidi hated how Ren was wearing his hat and made me take a picture. Ren didn't care what he looked like and was unwilling to wear it "normal".

Heidi... making music with a wooden frog

The Aunties... Auntie Chris and Auntie Pattie

The guys again

On Sunday I woke up and starting working on my side yard again getting all the weeds out so after the trees get pulled then I can plant my garden. I am way excited! I used to HATE gardening. Like really HATE it. I made every excuse to not work in the garden when I was younger. Now it is kind of relaxing... oh no does this mean I am maturing? Anyways what I hated more than gardening was worms. I am trying to get past my phobia. Really, phobia of an innocent thing that can't hurt me...YES! I really do. Everything about them FREAKS me out. I squeal a bit and then pick them up with a shovel and toss it away. Well, in my own garden I need to get over it because they are oh so common. Not only worms but slugs too. So gross. Anyways, I cleared out the weeds and cleaned it all up.

Rillz came home from work and we took the dogs on an outing for a walk in the foothills. They were so good and SO tired when we got home.

Malu got to walk without a leash because she is a great listener and stays right by us.

She is waiting for us to catch up.

It was relaxing and pretty when we got higher up. Sunday had such perfect weather!

Just another picture looking over a piece of Boise
I had a great weekend. Only 4 more work days until the next weekend!


Kristi M. said...

I was the one that always loved to garden. I was happy out in the garden while you guys cleaned the house, which I still hate. I was okay with that. There are so many good reasons to garden and yes you are growing up. BTW you want all the worms you can get. They are super good for your garden. Slugs not so much. Get gardening gloves and you won't have to really feel them. Sunday was an awesome day. The weather was perfect!