Thursday, February 19, 2009

What have I been doing?

Wow my weeks go fast. I have been very busy with working, going to the hospital, doing divorce paperwork, and hanging out with my new favorite person, Rillz. My mom goes home from the hospital tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. She is soooo excited! My dad said no one is allowed over to the house all weekend! That actually gives me a whole weekend to do what I want. I kind of forgot how that feels! My friend, Rillz, visits my mom in the hospital and always brings dessert! He works at the hawaiian restaurant, Onos, that we dance at some friday nights. My parents love their desserts!!

I will actually miss my mom being at Elks because it is so close to my house and on my way home from work. How convenient and fun to see my mom every other day! But now I will mainly see her on the weekends.

On valentines day I spent 3 hours at Onos with my friend Tasha and Keana, a girl she had just met. It was a lot of fun and relaxing. Here is a beautiful chocolate box with 3 truffles in it that Rillz got on valentines day from Uncle Dwayne (the one that makes all the desserts for Onos Restaurant). I thought it was so neat.

Because I have been hanging out with a chef, he cooks dinner a lot for me. Tonight I made dinner so I had to take a picture. I made stuffed bell peppers. They look small but pretty filling.

This Sunday I went to my parents to hang out with them and my Aunt Penny and cousins Jessica and Cory were there. Gunnar and I had wiggle scooter races around the kitchen. We were having so much fun and driving everyone crazy the whole time! You just move the handle left to right and it goes! So fun!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My furry baby

I just thought I would share to everyone my house companion. This is my baby boy Simon. He is a Cairn Terrior, the same dog as Toto from the Wizard of Oz. He is around 3 years old. Terriors are known to be stubborn and hyper. Wow he definitely lives up to his breed. He sleeps in my bed and we wake up every morning at 7:30. He doesn't let me sleep in. His favorite place to lay is anywhere on me and he loves to knock down my cat, Elliott. He only weighs 19 pounds...I love my Simon!

I don't want to cut his hair because he looks like a little hippie dog and its so cute and so me!

This is Simons best friend ever! Noni is my parents dog and she is BIG. They just play and play and play....never stops.

This is Kaylia, my parents other dog. She is older and a bit grumpy. Simon used to try and play with her but learned pretty quick that she wants little to do with him.

These two just give each other kisses all the time. Get a room
My dad always lets me bring Simon over to their house, even though Simon ALWAYS poops somewhere in the house. I get so frustrated with the dumb dog when he does that...not to mention he eats his poop if no one is around. Yeah, makes me want to throw up. My mom and dad are just so nice and helpful with him. They babysit him when needed. My dad wanted Simon to stay at his house most of the week last week. My mom and dad both have popcorn parties and any food parties with him. And, my dad likes to rub it in my face that Simon likes to sleep in his bed when I am over. Dog stealer. If Simon gets out of the house without a leash he runs and thinks it is a great game to not listen and come back... thats the terrior in him. Well thats my dog and I have nothing better to write about lately.