Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

First of all, Brent and Noelle moved to Boise! They are living with my parents for a while and going to BSU starting this Spring! This Sunday we all got together for dinner because Noelles parents were in town. We were sitting around and decided to get together again the following day for a pumpkin carving contest. We set rules where we could use anything to carve our pumpkin except explosives, fire, pretty much anything that would blow up the house and we had 2 hours to do it. We all had SO much fun! This was Rillz's first time ever carving a pumpkin!

Rillz's first pumpkin carving...the hawaiian islands and a KA for kanak attack. Great job

Oh yeah pumpkin guts!

This was Rens. Of course outstanding. He wasn't able to finish it in 2 hours.

My dads. He used some electric tools and it sounded like we were in a dentists office when he was working on it! It turned out really good though.

Here is Brent going extreme like always. He is very artistic!

Noelle didn't think her Twilight pumpkin turned out. But when it was lit up it looked awesome!

Heidi and Katie (Noelles mom) didn't want to carve pumpkins so they made pumpkin seeds...soooo yummy!

Here are a couple collages.

Here are all the pumpkins and how they turned out!

Kristi made the cute owl, Noelles is the one on the right. When lit it looks like two faces. Really neat looking. Jeff made a Thomas train (of course) for Gunnar, with tracks all around the pumpkin!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sick like a pig...

Yes, I have the flu. "Most likely the swine flu" says the guy at Primary Health who saw me for less than 5 minutes. So 2 hours later (yes waiting with other sicklings and feeling like I am going to pass out I had to wait 2 hours) 133 dollars later (because I have no insurance) I was told there was nothing they could do for me. I have been sick since Friday night. Chills, sore throat, major headache, major muscle aches, dizziness, tired... I don't do well just laying around my house. But when I do get up to do something I get so darn tired and dizzy. And sitting here all by myself I stink! I have taken a shower every day but being very immobile my body finds extra stink balls in itself. You know its bad when you just smell your own stank (maybe thats the pig side of the flu coming out in me). I am going to work tomorrow whether my body likes it or not. Don't worry, after today I am contagious free! So good luck to ya'll healthy humans out there and I hope you stay unsick. Alright to the shower I go...oink oink