Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rillz update

Rillz's birthday was in February. He loved his birthday this year. My dad made dinner for the family, Heidi made dessert and we all celebrated. Rillz got a Lowes gift card, gun stuff like clay pigeons, bullet, and a clay pigion thrower thingy, and also a foodsaver with extra bags. The foodsaver is benefiting both of us nicely. :) I LOVE this thing. We vacuum seal just about everything! My parents have always had one so we used theirs for all their food but to have our own shiny foodsaver is awesome!... oops I mean, for Rillz to have his own is awesome... haha. And of course Rillz is crazy about all his birthday gifts. Oh, and we got more super yummy hawaiian hot dogs and mochi! Yeah us.

Another note on Rillz that happened yesterday:
It was Saturday, our sleep in day. I get woken up at 2:00 A.M. to Rillz saying "I have to go to the hospital". Huh? He was fine yesterday. What is going on? "I think I am having a kidney stone". So off we go super stinky breath and all to the hospital. He was in SO much pain. I felt so bad for the guy. They always say it is kinda like having a baby right?!? Anyways, they drug him up and have a paramedic in training guy do the IV except he couldn't get the needle in. When he finally did after the 5th poke blood came gushing out. Rillz said he thought he was going to strangle the guy. Haha. Rillz was in and out for a while, got tons of morphin, got a C.A.T scan, and vomited a few times. At 5:30 we were sent on our way with 3 different meds. Rillz came home and slept, tried to eat but almost vomited, and then went to work at 12:30 p.m. Hello?!? Mental if you ask me, hard worker if you ask him. He ended up passing his kidney stone at work yesterday but was still in pain the rest of the night. That was his second experience with a kidney stone and perhaps not his last.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Emergency vet surgery

This morning I had to undertake a huge task. I was presented with a very hurt animal... unicorn had untwisted his horn!

At that moment I didn't know if unicorn would make it. If he (yes, the purple unicorn is a he) wasn't loved very much by his owner, I am sorry to say it but, he probably wouldn't have made it. This was an urgent matter people!
I have been faced with some fluffy vet work in the past.
Polar bear needed some stomach work done. I think his owner thought he was a bit too fluffy for his size.
Dolphin needed a fin repair.

But unicorn work?!? This was going to be my hardest surgery by far!
I am happy to say, though, unicorn and surgeon made it through surgery just fine. The owner couldn't be happier. Unfortunetely the owner is not letting unicorn get the proper rest needed. :)

All in a hard days work!