Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday weekend

My 27th birthday was on a Sunday this year. I was spoiled and celebrated with Rillz ALL day Saturday and with my family Sunday night. For Christmas Brent and Noelle gave us an "Ultimate Date Package." It included movie tickets, mani/pedis, and lunch gift certificate to Chik-Fil-A. And for Christmas from my boss we received a gift certificate for a nice restaurant downtown called the Fork. So the week before I tried to schedule our mani/pedis for the weekend and unfortunately they were booked
:( But, we still had a FANTASTIC day together all day! We woke up and went to Babies R' Us to register for baby. Then I was starving so went to Chik-Fil-A for lunch and then Target to register as well which was fun but all the baby crap these places think you NEED is retarded. Anyways, we also went to a movie Twilight:Breaking Dawn #2. Awesome movie! We just loved it! Then we went to a nice dinner and were just loving every minute of it. Rillz got a nice steak dinner with a couple glasses of wine. I got a salmon dinner with asparagus fries and wanted everything else on the menu. I was so FULL when we left. We went home after my birthday day and were just so happy! Probably the last nice date day for a while.

Headed out for dinner...

Never a normal face from Rillz
Babies R' Us parking lot
Sunday dinner was beautifully hosted by Brent and Noelle. They were so kind to volunteer their house and time for my birthday party. The dinner was SO yummy of chicken alfredo pasta with oven roasted broccoli, green salad, and herb bread. My mouth is watering... For dessert we had angel food cake with fresh whipped cream topped with strawberries/blueberries! They had just gotten a new dining table and chairs. The food was served on real dishes not paper/plastic. I got really spoiled by everyone too with my gifts. Thanks Rillz and family for making my 27th birthday amazing! It is crazy to think this is my last birthday without a kid... Freedom is ending!!
Isn't the dining area pretty!
Brecken always in the middle of everything
Iris' pretty dress after church
Loving their uncle
Cami was grumpy pants that night so I am surprised I caught a smile

Me, Gunnar, Brecken, and Cami thinking we are pretty awesome
Little miss Iris playing
Blowing out my fake candle. Yummy
Brent having a tissue paper party with the kids.
Of course going through the pictures I find a picture of Rillz with his eyes crossed...