Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sprinkled drumsticks

Rillz and I were at Walmart and went down the ice cream aisle. Probably supposed to just be window shopping at goodies. Well, one thing caught our eyes... Sprinkled drumsticks! What! When did this amazing invention happen. We love drumsticks! So we got them. One of the flavors is even a new vanilla with cherry in the middle.

We get home and immediately rip open the box. Both of us go for the vanilla cherry. (We love trying any new foods, it's both our weakness). Anyways, we ate it and then discussed. Our mutual decision was that they weren't very amazing. The cherry in the middle was just sticky sugar that wasn't memorable. I didn't mind the sprinkles (mostly because I just like chewing the sprinkles individually between my front teeth), Rillz does not care for the sprinkles. Needless to say we will stick with other flavors of drumsticks. The Sprinkled ones were simply appealing because they were new. No need for us to purchase them again.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby shower gifts

Haha, first, thanks dear cousins for explaining that it is the Twilight books that everyone is obsessed about. I do remember Kristi saying a while back that she read them all and did not like the series. Maybe its like Harry Potter, which, Kristi and I both dislike too.

So last Saturday Kristi had a baby shower held by our hula friends. Heidi and I refused to through her one since she is having another boy... so other people thought we were not being nice and gave her a baby shower. But, I did make some things for baby Breckin. Let me share how cute they are (anything baby is typically just adorable).

Here is Kristi. Looking pretty good for 13 days left till Breckin pops out to say hi

I made this onesie (Rillz calls a onesie a baby full piece body suit). It says bite me and then what you can't see very well in the picture is the animal cracker on the left has a bite out of him and some crumbs left. It's pretty cute if I do say so myself I made these baby booties a while back. I still have more that are not complete. But they are simple and fun to make.

I whipped out these animals the night before the shower to kinda match the animal theme on the onesie. They turned out a little goofy. On the backs of the animals is soft cuddly materials.

Here is a shirt I made for Gunnar. It says I'm the big brother and then has Woody on it. I got the shirt from walmart and thought the style and colors would match Woody, and it did! Gunnar just loves it!

Gunnar was a great help in opening the gifts. Here is what I wrapped Kristis gift in. Black tissue paper and silver bag. Kristi sarcastically tells me, "wow, you sure wrapped the gift perfect for the occasion". Ok, so I can make things better then I can wrap them... back off.

Just to let everyone know, this is Gunnar's baby belly picture. Yes, he has a baby too. His babies name is Thomas Brent. hmmm... what's he going to do when his baby never comes out? Gunnar has had a baby in his belly this whole time! Every since Kristi told him she had a baby in hers. Crazy kid.

Congratulations Miller family. Rillz and I are so excited for your growing family! We love you.

What is great about Twilight?

Rillz has been interested in seeing Twilight this last week. Neither of us had seen the 1st or 2nd one. I am not to into vampire movies or any movie that is a bit far fetched. I rented both of those yesterday for Rillz and decided I might as well watch them. I mean, look at their fan base. It is frickin huge so there must be something I am missing about the whole series. Rillz and I didn't read the books either... Anyways, we watched one last night and then one this morning. It is a nice love story of a girl stuck between two guys. That always makes for a good movie except, one is a vampire and one is a werewolf. Come on people. This girl happens to fall in love with non humans when everyone in the town has no idea they are non humans. Rillz thought the acting was terrible, I thought it was decent BUT the wolves are SO unrealistic. Come on people it was, what, 2008 when it came out. They could have done a much better job. And the part when Jacob climbs up to her window at night was so retarded looking. Special effects are not special in this movie! It's a nice movie just to see but to be obsessed about? I don't get it. I would never care to be one of the first people to rush to the theatre and see it. I don't know if it is actually viewers thinking this is an awesome, well worth it series or if it is media and commercialized. I just don't understand how this movie got so much fame. Anyone want to help me out on this one. And, yes, I will rent the 3rd one when it comes to redbox someday but it isn't worth more than a dollar to see.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Am I addicted...

to garage sales? I stopped at a garage sale on my way to work on Friday. I found some BIG finds. The only problem is I didn't have room in my car for them. Rillz so kindly went back to pick them up when he got off work.

One is this thingy. It is made of solid wood and it has wheels. I am planning on painting it some color and putting it in my bedroom closet and getting rid of my dresser. I don't know what colors or anything to do though. Any suggestions?
The inside of it. I just love it!

The right open side with no shelves has a clothes hanging bar on top. Ok crafty cousins... colors that would be fun for it?

Here is this chair I picked up for $5. I love the color of the material so that is staying and I don't know if I am up to re upholstering it anyway right now. But... I am going to paint the arms and legs. I am contimplating white but if there is another color that would go well with this yellow... I am open to knowing about it. I just don't know what would look nice with it.

I showed my dad the chair yesterday on skype. He asked... is it comfortable? My response "I don't know dad, I haven't sat in it". He can't believe I bought a chair with not sitting in it first. I did look on the bottom to make sure it was in good shape... but after that statement I can't believe that I bought a chair without sitting in it either. Haha... sometimes I wonder about myself. Turns out, I sat in it yesterday and it is comfortable. And I got three pairs of earings for free at that yard sale.

Since last Tuesday until this coming Wednesday I have been working at least 11 hours a day. I am becoming more exhausted with it. My body needs a day off. Every night I come home and don't want to do anything. Rillz has been so patient and loving. I can't wait until next Saturday for a day off! Oh-well, it's all worth the extra income.
Happy fathers day dad! I love you very much.
Ok I have to leave for work in 20 minutes so I better go get ready.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doggy date

Earlier this week I found out that our local Petsmart was having a grand opening of a store/pet hotel. Well, hula was cancelled for today and I had nothing better to do. Yesterday I invited one of my best girl friends and her dog Whiskey to come with me, Malu and Simon. So we decided to meet at 8 a.m. The store opened at 9 and the first 50 people got a gift card anywhere from $5-50 value. Me and my dogs got there about 7:50. There were not to many people waiting. Ashley and Whiskey showed up at about 8:10. We both got gift cards. Mine was a $10 and Ashleys was $25. Our dogs were SO good. I thought Simon was going to get grounded to the car half way through but they were both awesome. Pesmart had a ribbon cutting and then in we went. Simon needed a nail trim and we just happened to get a coupon for a free nail trim or $9 off a grooming service. So, I had Simon and Malus nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Simon usually is very difficult to get his nails trimmed but was a good boy today and Malu was a good girl! Whiskey got his nails and ears done too. He liked stairing at himself in the mirror.

The ribbon cutting ceremony
Malu getting her nails done. She was shaking and made the whole table shake. Poor thing

Simon after his nails.

After that we walked around. They got bandannas to wear and around the store was all sorts of free items for your dog. I got a t-shirt, teeth bone cleaners, frisbees, and squeak toys all for free. We entered in all sorts of raffles. They were even giving out samples of their doggy ice cream. Malu and Simon loved it! It was lactose soy based ice cream for dogs and even people. We took a tour of the doggy hotel. The associates were so friendly and helpful! Whiskey was a little excited and threw up but other than that nobody pee'd or poo'd in the store. I thought for sure Simon would be lifting a leg to every shelf.

oops... sideways picture of cute little Whiskey after his nails and ears were done.

I bet this doggy inflatable costume was so hot.The dogs were getting tired.
This is the free stuff I got minus the gift cards and another 2 squeak toys and frisbee and t-shirt and more bone thingys. Thats a lot of free stuff! Woohoo.

Petsmart was taking free pictures of dogs and their owners and making them into buttons. Ashley and I thought it would be so cute to do us all together. The button turned out adorable! The whole experience left Ashley and me so happy and excited! Petsmart in Boise did a really great job at their grand opening! It wasn't too crazy and out of control, even with 2 dogs in tow. I guess this is what people do when they have no kids :)
This was the button. The picture turned out GREAT! The lighting, though, when I took this picture of the picture turned out crappy. But ya'll get the idea. Really cute. I am going to turn it into a magnet for the fridge.

After Petsmart Ashley and Whiskey came over to the house to play in the backyard. They are exhausted now. At 1 I went back to Petsmart because they were having a drawing for free $25 gift cards to 20 people. It was the only giveaway you had to be present to win. I entered at 12:45 and when they drew I won one of them!! I was so excited. But I am glad I didn't have the dogs with me that time. The store was much crazier and the whole experience would have been different.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flowers, dress, sink hole

My weekend was a good one. All day yesterday was spent at the America's Global Village Festival in Ontario, Oregon. We had an awesome booth with food and trinkets to sell. We do a half hour show. I brought my camera, turned it on, and took.... no pictures. My battery died and I got NO pictures. Kristi and Heidi did though. It was fun!

Rillz and I went on a silly date today when he got off work. We went to Costco for lunch at the food court. Then went up and down every aisle. IT was great! I bought flowers and underwear. Thats all. I planted my flowers when I got home while Rillz was looking for running shoes in the shop. My other flowers I bought for my window box are only spring flowers that are now going dead on me and looking a little sad. New flowers... new pretty color!

Rillz couldn't find his running shoes so off to Fred Meyer we went for shoes. We found some great ones for him! Then we went looking for dinner. Rillz had plans to go to Sizzlers for the salad buffet until we passed an Applebees with a sign that read "Feed 2 for $20". Rillz turned into the parking lot so fast and the detour had officially been taken to Applebees instead of Sizzlers. The food and service was great!

I finally finished my frock by friday. I like how it turned out and it fits! There are plenty of mess ups but oh-well. A good learning experience.

Here is a CRAZY mystery. In my garden by where I planted my peas I have a freaky sink hole. It eats dirt and seeds and spits back up sand/rocks. I don't get it. It is SO weird. I have filled this stinkin hole 3 times with dirt. Packed dirt. You know, like how you pack in a ton of brown sugar in the little measuring cup and dump it out only to still hold a very tight cup form. Well, thats how tight I have packed in this flippin dirt only to have rocks and sand spit back at me the next day after the dirt had been watered. I don't get it. Anybody know my mystery? It's driving me crazy.

You can't see the stupid little rock pebbles very well in the picture. Where is the dirt going? And where are the rocks coming from? Grrrr.....

I hope your weekend went well! Happy Monday tomorrow.