Saturday, December 29, 2012

Camden's first sleepover

Earlier last week Heidi and I discussed having Cami come over to our house for her first sleepover. Heidi kept asking her "Cami, do you want to have a sleepover at Auntie and Uncles". The answer was always yes. She probably didn't know what she was siging up for. But we all decided Friday would be good. So, Ren packed up her clothes, noise machine, and elmo/dolly for her and shipped her our way after a family dinner at Wok King. She was so excited when we got in the house. Rillz was sick in bed so what better way to wake him up for dinner then sending cute little Cami in to tell him we were home with leftovers. She was busy playing with our toys, jumping on our spare bed and setting up her pack-n-play bed in babies room for bedtime. We then got into jammies and watched Elmo while eating ginger snap cookies. At 8:30 it was time to read books and sing a bedtime song. I laid her down the first time only for 5 min. later to hear "Aunty Minny...Aunty Minny". I thought she fell out of the play pen but nope she must have just been stomping her feet. So we slept on the couch for about an hour and then I woke up and rocked her to sleep again and put her in the pack-n-play to sleep. She slept from 10 pm to 8:30 am. Ah... so nice. Except I turned the heat on in the house hotter then normal so at 4 am Rillz and I were both wide awake and hot. At 8:30 am Cami came in our bed to play with dolly and Elmo. We fed them (and ourselves) Chex cereal for a while. Cami wanted letter pancakes for breakfast. What Cami wants at our house, she gets. While Rillz was at the doctor seeing what was wrong with him, Cami and I were making chocolate chip letter pancakes and Spam. Yum! We then went to Walmart to pick up an inhaler for Rillz and he let Cami pick out a toy. She got three horses that have hair accessories. What fun that was! She then did an arrend with me to pick up my boss and daughters to take home. She loved playing with their toys and the girls were so good with her! Cami and I picked up lunch. Rillz wanted a chocolate milkshake, burgers and fries so off to chik-fil-a we went. Heidi and Ren came to pick her up shortly after lunch. We had so much fun with Cami during her first sleepover! She kept us laughing and we kept her busy!
Getting ready for pancake making...

 She really wanted to know where the key was to lock/unlock the workbench drawers. I kept that secret to myself :)

 Uncle Rillz got back from the doctor just in time to eat his letter R with us.
 Cami making faces with Uncle Rillz
 Quickly off to work after breakfast
 That little nut put herself in the play pen and then got upset because she couldn't get out
 Lunch time!
 Making me and uncle laugh all during lunch.
Thanks Camden for sleeping over! We had lots of fun.

Merry Christmas to all

Christmas eve and Christmas were fun! On Christmas Eve the Hollingsworth family did the usual tradition of movie and breakfast dinner. I was spending the night at my parents so dropped off my dogs at Kristi's to have a playdate with Diesel. Kristi and Gunnar had been throwing up all night and weren't doing so well so had to forgo the movie. We all went and saw The Rise of the Guardians. That movie was pretty cute. Actually I thought it was kinda weird, but the kids all loved it (except Cami who kept herself busy running up and down the aisle). Santa had tattoos and the easter bunny was australian. Different views of each then I had pictured from childhood I guess. We all then went to my parents to make breakfast. A big thanks to Heidi, dad, and Brent who made all of it. For some reason I was distracted and didn't help at all. Oops. Breakfast dinner was super yummy as usual. After we ate we opened gifts. We love what was generously given to us and enjoyed watching everyone else open what they were given. Rillz unfortunetely worked all day and missed out except on the end of opening gifts.
Christmas day started off with a leisurely morning until I got a call from Jeff saying one of my dogs poo'd in her crate. For real!?! So I went over there. Jeff kindly cleaned out the crate and we packed the dogs in the truck. I went home, washed their crates, washed all three dogs, and washed myself before rushing off to my Aunt Nancy's christmas party that she has every year. It was a lot of fun but boy was I exhausted!
This was our last Christmas with no kids! Crazy to think.
A nice picture of Heidi and Ren

 Kristi feeling sick but still making the best out of family Christmas
 Heidi doing the Noelle trademark candy cane sign ;)
 Miss Iris playing on the kid chair
 Cami looking worried about something

 Rillz opening up his new wallet from my parents
 Baby Rivera got a little peoples nativity set for next christmas that I am so excited about! Our baby says thanks Brent and Noelle! She also got diapers and an outfit from them for christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone and happy last days of 2012!

Babies closet is done

Rillz and I finished babies closet. We are happy how it turned out. We were really excited to set up the crib and get everything out for baby that we already have.
The closet before... small door that didn't even close

Couldn't reach in the sides of the closet.
New closet opening and shelves. We are going to hang a curtain to cover the opening. I love it! I can access everything and can store so much more.
This is the rug we bought our sweet girl for her room
We love her crib! We bought it off craigslist and have the toddler rail and full size bed rails if we want to use them.
A baby bassinet we got from my boss. He is from Ireland and his dad made this from a tree wood that only grows in Ireland. When they moved to the U.S. with the girls they brought this bassinet with them. It is big and pretty! I am excited to use it for our daughter.
We still have all the decorating to do in her room. Still not exactly sure on a design or color scheme. But, we are off to a good start!

We are having a...

On December 19 we found out the gender of our baby. We didn't want to tell anybody until Christmas Eve. So everyone was annoyingly waiting for Christmas Eve. Instead Kristi made these awesome scratch off cards that announced the gender and we sent them in the mail to the rest of the family and Rillz's family. It was fun to get the phone calls of "we scratched of boy/girl first..."

We are having a girl! I have to admit I was hoping for boy. In fact, I was a bit surprised to discover it is a girl. I am becoming more excited about a daughter. Rillz knows he is in trouble and that he will be a sucker to anything she wants. We went shopping for an outfit for her when we found out. I don't think it sunk in yet because we found no girls clothes to be cute. But, that weekend we went out again and found an outfit to bring her home in and some onesies.

We love our little girl already and can't wait to meet her in May!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh Baby...

With Christmas around the corner we have been super busy. Rillz and I are both working our jobs plus a side job Rillz started. But in the middle of all that we started another house project for the babies room. We made the doorway bigger and setting up shelves to keep babies crap more organized! I am excited.
Speaking of baby... we find out the gender in 2 days! Better then christmas. My pregnancy has gone really well. Morning sickness was pretty non-existent. I am over being exhausted all the time. In fact some days feels like I have super energy! I have been obsessed with Spaghettio-s. Did you just vomit in your mouth! Yeah, weird thing to crave. I always want them for lunch though. And, I love eating sour candies too. I have been so blessed to have amazing sisters that are letting me borrow their maternity clothes (except Kristi because she kinda needs them herself!)
Anyways, here are some closet pictures so far...
Small doorway made it hard to get to the sides of the closet

 The back wall had a weird bump too. The bathroom plumbing bulged the closet wall out so we fixed that.

 The wall has chicken wire in it which makes busting down the wall more time consuming.
 The doorway framed in and Rillz spackling the edges. Now ready to paint!

 I like the little corner pieces we picked out.
Well, thats all. Gotta go to the library! Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The start to my holiday week...

This week of Thanksgiving I have off. So I figured what a great week to get so much done! Well, over the weekend one my teeth was feeling a bit painful here and there. So I figured I would call in on Monday morning and schedule to get a cavity filled Tuesday. I called and the nice lady said "He won't be in the rest of the week past today. So we can schedule somethine next Monday." What... next Monday! So they were so great that the Dentist stayed extra hours just for me. He was supposed to be out of the office by noon to catch a plane around 4. Well, I got in at 1:40. They started doing my teeth and were going to fill 3 cavities all in the same area. But when he started, oops, one was way to big and now needed a root canal. So, with my teeth already started on the cavity process they stop, show me a bill of what it will now cost me, and asked what I wanted to proceed with. I saw the paper and literally started crying in the dentists chair at the amount. The hygenist was SO sweet and kind while I was having my moment. I blamed it on my pregnancy hormones. ;) I went through with it all and it was PAINFUL! They numbed me, started, felt pain, numbed some more, started again, felt pain, had to numb AGAIN and finally the pain was tolerable. He said that was 3 times more numbingness than people normally need. That always happens to me though, I inhereted it from my Grandma Jean I guess. Not cool.

And, yesterday morning while at the doctors office for a check up I had just gotten out of the bathroom with a cup of pee in my hand and ran into our good friends in the hallway... Yeah, embarrassing. Nothing like being excited to see your friends with a cup a pee in hand... Hehe!

This week WILL be better! I am making a pumpkin cheesecake today and an apple pie tomorrow. Yummy!

Outdated doorknobs

So, our house is old... no secret. We have slowly been changing little things here and there to make it look like it was made before WWI. And, our guest room door never even stayed closed. I never cared before (sorry company that has ever stayed at our house) but I guess now that it will be babies room I care. :) Our knobs were gold and half falling off and completely rusty inside! We changed 4 knobs and it didn't take that long. Now all our knobs match too.

This picture above makes me laugh because...
Rillz was inside the bedroom and I was in the hall. Then I hear a soft voice say... "Help, I am stuck and can't open the door". He had shut the door to see if it latched before putting the knob on. I laughed so hard and instead of helping him, I grabbed the camera and took this picture. I couldn't stop laughing long enough to help him. He thought it was pretty funny too. Not his brightest moment of the day.
Rillz hard at work...
Our old knobs... The bedroom door ones didn't lock either.
New knob...
The outside of this knob isn't so pretty but that is ok. Works for me.                                                      

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Finally, something I can cook that Rillz can't!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween Project

My new job comes with a lot of fun perks. I get to be with 2 kids who love arts and crafts! For Halloween I decided we would paint mason jars. I loved how they turned out...