Sunday, June 19, 2011

My new 3 home remedies that WORK

The last couple weeks I have discovered 3 home remedies that REALLY work!

First issue: The little boy I nanny had a band-aid on and when it came off the adhesive left that terrible crappy sticky stuff. I tried scrubbing with soap and water, alcohol.... to no avail. I googled how in the heck do I get this off of skin?

The answer... baby oil! There was some around the house and I decided to give it a shot. Holy cow! It worked. The band-aid adhesive came off SO easily with baby oil. Didn't even have to scrub!

+ =
Takes off bandaid adhesive easily!

Second issue: Last week at work my boss bought new little plastic cups for Jack. She had soaked the cups in soapy water to loosen the price tag adhesive. Didn't work. Uhhh... I hate those dumb price stickers. The baby oil worked so well on skin that I thought Ah Ha! It should work on adhesive on plastic right?!? WRONG. Got none of the adhesive off. I didn't want to scrub anymore so again, google it. When in doubt... google it! Had several ideas. WD40... um no not on something a child will drink out of. Olive oil... sounds to greasy and just like baby oil so no thanks. And then, peanut butter. Haha. Yeah right. Tried it anyways and OH MY GOSH! Miracles happened. Spread a little peanut butter on the plastic where the price tag sticker is and shabam off the price tag went easily. Peanut butter... really!?! Whatever works. I even had to use the chunky peanut butter because that is all there was. Haha.


Easy price tag removal

Third issue: Last Sunday Rillz and I went on a 30 mile bike ride. It felt so great! I put sunblock on my back, shoulders, face... but oops forgot my arms and legs. For 5 hours my white, pastey skin was exposed to nice warm sun. Which equals SUNBURN. Talk about OUCH! So naturally I was a beautiful, painful shade of red. The first burning day I smothered myself in special Maui aftersun care and aloe vera. Wasn't doing the trick. Google didn't disappoint the other two times so why not give it a whirl again. Suggestions... wet the arm, pour baking soda on area, and then a rag soaked in vinegar on the baking soda. This is to help with the pain. Sounded like sizzling bacon. Kinda fun to listen to. Cooled my arms a bit. Oh yeah, I decided to experiment too. Only do the new ideas on my arms and leave my legs with just putting lotion on them. Just to see if there was any difference. Anyways, I came across an idea to put black tea on the burn. So I did. Wow! Love the results. The next day didn't hurt AT ALL and the redness went down so much. I will be using black tea the minute I see a sunburn on my skin. My legs a week later are still a nice bright red color and hurt a few more days after the arms stopped. AMAZING!

Aloe Vera, common sunburn reliever. I found it to be the worst option OVERAL! The gel tightened my skin making it more painful for me to move my arms. Spraying vinegar worked better! This got a big thumbs down.

Avon aloe vera spray was soothing for a whole 30 seconds time and the maui island sun lotion softened my skin but was not affective long term.



pain free and less redness much quicker!

Of course, the best suggestion is DON'T fricken get burned in the first place!

Nice picture of my lovely leg burn. Not smart... I know. My legs are still red and my arms are kinda tan thanks to black tea.

I would like to thank google for everything I know... Haha! But these remedies truly do work! It's amazing. When needed, give 'em a try.