Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Aurie at 6 months

Aurie is 6 months. She currently has her first cold and although I hate her being sick I love how cuddly she is! At her 6 month appointment she weighed 14 lbs 5.8 oz. and 26 inches long. We knew she was thinning out in the belly but thought she would weigh a little more. We have to get a scan of a cyst she has right under her right eyebrow to make sure that its nothing more. Aurie refuses to take a bottle and so will only breastfeed. Aurie is very close to sitting up by herself and she rolls all over the place.
I have been watching another baby that is only a couple weeks older then Aurie during the week. It's nice to bring a little money in and still be a stay at home mom.
What has really been keeping me busy, though, is buying and selling cloth diapers! I LOVE cloth diapers. I tried to convince my sisters to cloth diaper but they are SO not on board. Haha. I have been able to make a bit of money off of reselling them, not to mention all the cloth diapers I use for Aurie have been bought very cheap and saving us TONS of money. I also use cloth wipes which saves money!! I even enjoy the diaper laundry! There are so many different types of cloth diapers its insane! Anyways, that's all the news from me. I really haven't been up to anything but those things
Oh, except, we started watching the Blacklist on Mondays and that show is AMAZING! Anyone else watch it and love it?!? And the new episodes of parenthood are awesome and so real!
Aurie playing  with our daytime buddy!

 Aurie's Halloween costume! I picked it up for $3 at a consignment sale. Isn't she the cutest cheerbear
 This is Aurie today. I made these baby legs out of my old knee high socks.
 This was today too. I wanted to snap some photos of Aurie in the ukulele case and hat we used as props in her newborn photos to compare size!
 She is a MAJOR finger sucker! Always sucking on those two fingers. Grrr.
 This picture is hilarious. She woke up from a nap with her hand imprinted on her face. With fingernail indents and all! I was laughing so hard.
 Aurie and her daddy!
 Aurie and grandpa at the balloon festival
 This is what the front of my house looks like sometimes! Sunning and drying diapers.
 These are all the diapers I use for Aurie! Did I mention I LOVE them and want so many more :)
That's all for now.