Monday, August 24, 2009

Thrifty Deals

Finally pictures!!

So this morning I went to Albertsons. I got 5 containers of lysol wipes and 1 box of Granola Bars. Before coupons I would have paid $20. After coupons I got all this for $.89. Thats right, not even a dollar. And $.40 of it was tax. The lysol wipes were free and the granola bars were a whopping $.50.

So this is one I did a while ago. 10 pasta/rice sides, 5 wish bone dressings, 4 ragu pasta sauce, 8 skippy peanut butters, 4 mayos, 3 warm delights, 2 brownie mixes, 8 deoderants, 4 vasoline lotions, 5 suave body washes, 2 simply cookies, and 4 boxes of klondike bars. I don't remember how much I should have paid but after coupons I paid $13.82. Yes people, $13.82 for all this. Sometims I surprise myself with the deals I get!

Here is another thrifty deal... my moms garden. Ren built these two planter boxes and Jeff hooked up the watering system. My mom must have one amazing green thumb. The tomatoes are SO delicious and there is plenty of squash and zuccinni.

What the heck is my mom watering the zuccinni with. Steroid water? Look at the size of this thing. The 12'' ruler looks like nothing in comparison.

The very right one is a typical size for a zuccinni. Good gardening mom! I love eating your veggies!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting ready for...

I really want to post pictures but the internet on my laptop still doesn't work and the only time I can find to blog is when I am at work and Jack is sleeping. (Well supposed to be sleeping) But anyways here is yet another post without pictures...

Getting ready for some good deals:
So I am full throttle on my couponing hobby. Yes, I carry a binder around when I grocery shop. Yes, I typically only buy things now if I have a coupon and feel like I am getting ripped off if I pay full price. Yes, I wake up early to get to Albertsons right when it opens to get the sale item before it is all gone. Yes, I dream about coupons and feel like an anxiety is coming on if I haven't gotten a new huge stockpile of crackers, meat, fruit cups, soda, lotion, body wash, ice cream.... whatever it might be, for at least a week. I get a buyers high and most of the time the products come out free so it is a cheap buyers high! I have great pictures of my deals but of course can't post them. oh boy... Now that I read this I sound kinda psycho and I think I need some help for a couponing addiction... Haha.

Getting ready for a world emergency:
I have now reached the ripe old age of maturity and recently realized I need food storage for unexpected emergencies. I now understand its importance and have the ability and space to start stocking up on important items. (and no, unfortunetly my ice creams didn't cut it as important or else I would be doing great on food storage). I am going to plant a garden next year so I can have fresh produce just in case something happens, and it will also save $$. (The money signs look more impressive than if I just wrote the word "money". Just an FYI)

Getting ready for Hawaii:
Woohoo! This coming Tuesday, August 26, I am on my way to Hawaii. So excited. So I am getting ready for it. We have to pack 5 dead goats in ice and boxed to take with us. So not my thing, after all I was a vegetarian for 3 years so seeing dead meat... blah. I have to get my dogs ready for Grandmas/uncle and aunties house (Yes I treat my dogs like children). Heidi, Ren, and my mom are taking care of them for the 10 days. Thanks guys! It helps that my mom LOVES Simon and Ren LOVES Malu. Ren likes to carry Malu around like a baby. Those two are so addicted to each other. Oh we are going to Hawaii for Rillz's sisters wedding. So that will be fun. It will be exactly a year from the last time I was in Hawaii. If you remember, I went there for my honeymoon. Speaking of marriage... my first year of marriage was... oh yeah thats right, it didn't get that far. So awesome ( with a nice big rolling of the eyes). Anyways, yes, preparing for Hawaii

Getting ready for the weekend:
The weekend! Hopefully I don't get any sicker this weekend. I have hula practice and a hula performance tomorrow. Should be fun.

Getting ready for a healthier lifestyle:
Rillz and I have been going to the gym 2 times a week starting this last tuesday. We wake up at 6 a.m. and go and then also go at 10 p.m. We are trying to eat better too. We don't eat after 8 p.m. and we do eat breakfast together every morning. So far I have gained 2 pounds. Yes, GAINED. So rewarding isn't it. Seriously, what the heck, for 23 years I don't workout and stay the same wait and now I work out and am a whopping 2 pounds heavier than I have ever been. Oh well. No big deal. I am enjoying this new life change. I feel better in the mornings and I have a more productive day.

Thats all. Man, what a long post. Congratulations to you if you read the whole thing and didn't fall asleep or find better things to do with your time!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Hula

So here are some random hula pictures of me from November and December. Just thought I would take you back in time and share. Oh yeah if you can't find me just look for the whitest girl!

This is Kristi, Heidi, and me at the hula christmas party with santa.

This is in November. We were doing our hula group photo shots in the cold on a rainy day.
Here is all the girls and keikis

More christmas party photos. These three guys are the ones who created kanack attack and ono hawaiian cafe. Can you guess who Santa is?

Me in the middle of a dance

This is my "Lets mess up the picture" shot.
Hey santa... what you doing?!? Santa was Rillz. At the time I didn't even know who Rillz was. And, yes, in the first picture I am sitting on his lap. Who knew?

Julie and Julia

Ok so today my mom and I decided to go see a movie. I didn't even have to question what movie I wanted to see. Whether my mom wanted to see it or not my choice was definitely Julie and Julia. Now that I am with a chef our lives are completely planned around food. I just fell in love with the preview. The movie had to be great right?!?
Verdict is.... GREAT story and adorable movie. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams totally won my heart. So funny and completely realistic, not cheezy at all. Story line gets 2 thumbs up...
BUT... part way through the camera crew has terrible shots. In plenty of scenes with "Julia" you can clearly see the microphones dangling down from the top of your screen. This didn't happen once, or twice, but about 10 times. I giggled out loud everytime too. So disappointing because then you focus on that instead of the great movie. So camera action gets one thumbs down.
BUT... I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone! I really did love it. And, in my book, true stories always earns more points automatically! It is inspiring. At least for me. It makes you want to cook those hard recipes in recipe books.

Here is a random thought, when we got out of the movie and into the car I went to put my left over soda cup in the cup holder. It didn't fit. Holy cow. This also happened with me when I went to Burger King a while ago. How gross is that! They made a MEDIUM, thats right not even a large, so huge its bigger than cup holders. Poor america. We all know obesity is a HUGE problem (no pun intended... haha) so what do we do, make portion sizes bigger. Thanks America for helping this food epidemic and congratulations for making us the biggest nation.

Ok thats all...