Saturday, January 22, 2011


Our family tradition is to celebrate as a family on Christmas Eve. We always go to a movie and then have breakfast for dinner. The movie was tangled. So cute! Then we went to lunch at Red Robin and Noelle was our waitress. That night at about 5 Heidi said... what time are we eating? None of us girls knew so we asked dad. He then informed us that people were coming at around 6. Um... people? What people? Yeah, we had not been told that uncles and aunts were joining us. So Heidi, Kristi, and I start cooking. It all turned out and I always love working side by side with my sisters. Dinner was yummy and everyone left. We then opened sibling presents and it was fun!

Rillz and I decided to stay the night at my parents christmas eve. On Christmas morning we opened the rest of the presents with Brent, Noelle, and my mom and dad. Rillz had to work at noon and I went to my Auntie Nancy's house which is always so much fun! This year was a nice quieter christmas.

Family photos... minus the parents :)

Now that christmas was almost a whole month ago I guess I can write about it. For my mom and dads christmas present us kids gave them a family kid picture. All of us somehow managed to get together on really short notice and take pictures. A miracle. Kristi had a friend from her ward that was willing to take them for us! Such a nice lady and AWESOME photography! The weather was frickin FREEZING! But we managed and it was fun!
Here is the ALL kids and families.
Sibling picture. Brent is so much taller. Crazy.

Rillz and I. Nice normal pose.

Funny girl picture.

My favorite picture! The photographer said "just be yourself" and this is what came of it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I caved in and got...


We stream netflix from our Wii. We signed up for the free one month trial but I have a feeling Netflix is not leaving our house anytime soon. I told Rillz Netflix is the FIRST thing to GO if we start neglected the house and other responsibilities because of the tv. But this week it seems like our house is cleaner and more gets done than in the last month.
Rillz and I are just LOVING the easy streaming of netflix though. Just browse and click and BAM in seconds your watching what you just selected. There are so many great options. We are really into the documentaries about anything. The only thing negative is that there aren't that many options for NEW movies. We don't care. Netflix still has a great selection of movies, tv shows, special documentaries. It's going to totally be worth the $8 a month! I figured thats about how much we started spending on Redbox movies anyway to pass the time. I am still way to cheap for cable so I guess this is the next best thing!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My secret indulgence

So the type of movies I love to watch are typically indie films that are only seen in little theaters. I just LOVE those type!
But my secret indulgence... the Step Up movies. Yes, a little embarresing to admit. When Rillz moved in his movie collection was combined with mine. His were MUCH different than mine. His were chick flicks/older movies/just more well known. Well for whatever reason I watched the first Step Up. Kinda laughing about the fact that I was really going to watch some lame movie. Just so happens I didn't even want to blink just in case I missed something. I loved it. And I now love the 2 and 3 ones too. I have watched the 1st and 2nd one I don't know how many times. Friday night Rillz and I rented the 3rd one and enjoyed it as well. Very unlike me to even watch a movie like this but unexpected things happen every day! Now you know my secret!

Happy 25th Birthday to me!

My birthday was Thursday, January 6th. I had to work a 12 hour day and talk to someone about refinancing my house. When I got home at 8 pm from work Rillz had bought me and set out beautiful flowers. He also asked me "you ready to go?" I asked, Go where? He surprised me and took me to dinner. It was really sweet!

Saturday night my boss' took Rillz and I out for a very fancy dinner. Rillz and I got all dressed up. I wish I took pictures but forgot. They took us to Chandlers. They were great company and we really enjoyed and appreciated the whole experiance!

Sunday the family came over for pizza and dessert for my birthday. I love having people at my house. It makes me clean my house. Rillz and I spent 4 hours cleaning the house which felt SO good to get it done! My mom, Kristi, Jeff, Heidi, Ren came over, and the 3 little ones of course. Gunnar helped Rillz put the candles in the cake and Gunnar then told me "Woh Mindy, your old!" I guess I am at that age where little kids are starting to think I am WAY old. Haha. I love being with my family! We also Skyped my dad for a while.

Feed me!

Happy birthday to me... until next year!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

R U 4 real?

Today I had T.G.I. Fridays buffalo mozzarella sticks. They were on sale for cheap so I thought I would try them. I was reading the conventional oven directions and couldn't believe it...

I tried to get a better picture but couldn't. Anyways, the instructions are normal until the last thing. It reads verbatim: "Allow cheese sticks to stand for a couple of minutes b4 digging in!"
YES, it has b4 instead of "before". I was shocked. I knew this texting lingo would someday show up on products but so soon? Seems very unprofessional and ridiculous. I hate when people text those kind of things to others but to put it in instructions on a food box. Oh boy. My kids aren't going to know how to spell properly.