Thursday, August 8, 2013

The beginning of cloth diapers!

I decided to venture in the cloth diapering world. I started researching and researching about different styles/types, ways to clean, how to put on, what I needed, etc. I spent hours of looking into it. The more I searched the more intimidating it felt. Not to mention one diaper costs $12 new. Ugh. But, knowing I want another baby soon I figured we better do this cloth diapering business so when we have two kids in diapers it wont make us bankrupt.
I have been stalking craigslist for deals and trying to figure out what brands were best (thank you amazon reviews). Should I use pocket diapers, all-in-ones, or pre-folds. Even trying to figure out the lingo was quite the adventure. I realized I had no idea what any of that meant. So I picked up each type (not on purpose) from craigslist. I scored an awesome deal from one of the purchases. I did the math and have paid $168 on everything I have bought for cloth diapering so far. Adding up the new  value of all the items would have come to $707. Yep, I am a thrifty shopper! The majority of the stuff was brand new too. A lady thought she wanted to cloth diaper and after a day realized she didn't and just wanted it out of her house.

Just for my personal reference here is what I have bought (which is all I need to get the babies from newborn-potty training)
45- size one osocozy prefolds
12- size two premium osocozy prefolds
5- thirsties duo hemp prefolds
10- thirsties fab wipes
59- osocozy flannel wipes
6- snappi's
1- planetwise wet bag size medium
1- Charlies soap 32 fl. oz.
2- kissaluvs diaper lotion 4 oz. spray
1- kissaluvs diaper lotion 4 oz. concentrate
2- 14 gallon diaper pail
1- bumgenius diaper sprayer
3- bumgenius size small all-in-ones
10- babyland pocket diapers one size
bunch of pocket diaper inserts (haven't counted and baby sleeping in her room right now!)
Not pictured-
3- bummis diaper cover size small
3- econobums diaper cover one size
5- prorap diaper cover size medium
2- bummis diaper cover size medium

I did the math and if I bought disposable huggies diapers from amazon, a box of 222, it would cost $47. An average baby will go through 8 diapers a day so that box would last 27 days. It would only take 94.5 days to spent the same amount on disposable diapers as it did for me to buy everything for cloth diapers and not to mention I don't buy wipes either.
Speaking of wipes, I thought the idea of reusable baby wipes was nasty! I changed my first cloth diaper and it is only natural to put the wipe inside the diaper and toss it all in the pail. After the first load of cloth diaper laundry I realized...oops... I forgot to through away the wipe. That is when I realized cloth wipes for cloth diapers is genius and easier to use! So I was glad I had a bunch of reusable wipes!
So far, Rillz always grabs for the all-in-one (aio) diaper. It's the type that is just like a disposable. Put it on and take it off, that's it! He tried to do a prefold one morning and she just pee'd on the cloth right when he was trying to put it on and then Rillz got discouraged and grabbed the aio and hasn't stopped since! I personally like the prefolds with the cute diaper covers. I can use the same cute cover for the entire day and just switch out the prefolds. I haven't used our pocket diapers enough to have a view on them. The bad thing about aio's is it takes much longer for them to dry then a prefold.
Well, I have blabbed on about the start of cloth diapering long enough. I am sure I will write more about my experience later on as I get more experience with them.