Friday, April 29, 2011

Rillz's knife mishap

I got a call from Rillz today that said "How far away are you? I just had an accident". I thought a car accident. Well, he had a kitchen knife accident. The knife cut all the way down to the bone. We thought fingers are worth going to the doctor for. He kind of needs them for his job. We went to a primary health. We don't have an established family doctor yet. They got Rillz right in. Rillz needed 4 stitches in his finger. They put adrenalen in his finger to stop the bleeding and a numbing shot.

The start...

The doc told Rillz to look away

Gross, I hate needles

Ha, look at that lonely finger

Rillz watching ESPN while getting stitches

Look, they are posing. They were both pretty funny and I think excited to see something besides the sniffles and coughing.

All stitched up

Getting the gauze on

Masterpiece! All done

In 10 days Rillz has to go back and get the stitches out. For now, plenty of pain killers is in Rillz's future. Good night and watch out for flying knives.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! What do two adults with no kids and 2 dogs do on easter? Well, usually nothing. But this year I decided to have a small easter treat hunt. I put the dogs in the house and hid dog treats in the backyard. I had no idea what they would do. I thought Simon and Malu would go outside and just stare at me. But that was not the case with Malu. She immediately smelled the treats and started sniffing them out. She found the first one and Simon followed Malu and ate the treat before she actually got it. I hid 7 treats. Simon got 2 and Malu 5. Simon could not smell them worth crap. But Malu had a VERY busy nose. She would eat one and then sniff, sniff, sniff walk to the next treat. Her smeller is amazing. Simon was standing right next to a treat and didn't even notice it. Malu came from across the yard to that same treat and ate it. The doggie easter treat hunt was pretty entertaining for me and Rillz.

A treat I hid before the dogs came outside

Malu found it!

Hidden treat. This is the treat Simon was standing right next to. He was under that bench. Malu sniffed it out and ate it though.

Malu ate it and Simon ran off.

After the treat hunt Rillz and I went for a bike ride. Yesterday we went to a police auction and bought him a bike for $50. We are both excited to ride more this summer.

My bike. Rillz is changing my seat out.
Now I am off to the parents soon for some family time. Happy 2011 Easter everyone

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring cleaning

F.Y.I... This post was written a week ago but couldn't load the pictures until today. I love the first daffodils that pop up in my yard. It's motivation to work in my yard. Unfortunetely, those pretty daffodils are now squished. Rillz and I started the dawnting task yesterday of cutting down a hideous, no good, very bad so called bush. This thing is huge! Talk about overgrown. It's a piece of crappo. There isn't just a trunk to cut and then bam-o the tree falls and woohoo all is done. It's more like... chop, chop, chop oh and chop over here and over here some more. Not to mention the branches are entangled in the fence. Awesome. We rented a chainsaw... dull, completely empty with no gas/bar oil. Oh how we were so unhappy. We went back to the rental place and traded it out for one that was a little sharper. Still, not $30 worth to rent for 3 hours. Thank goodness our neighbor across the street came over with his own chainsaw that worked SO much better. The task is still not done but Rillz wasn't feeling well and we had an 80th birthday to go to... so we saved it for another day to come... soon. This was the ridiculous bush that was home for raccoons, squirrals, birds, bees, beer bottles, everything else imaginable, pretty sure an elephant was hiding in there for a couple weeks. And so the cutting begins... Our neighbor. I think his name is Dave. Nice guy.

This is what I found in the tree. Over the last 2 years I have been pulling random things out of this dumb bush. And we found 2 big sinder blocks.
What we got it down to so far.
Now we have a beautiful tree on the side of our house.
On a good note, Rillz and I are doing really good with our dinner menu plans. I can heat up a yummy fish stick! Haha. But on Rillz's cooking nights I am in heaven. Tonight we had furikake tuna rice with japanese sausage. Yummy!! I know the majority of you have no idea what furikake even is but if you could taste this through the computer... oh boy! Saturday I was with Kristi and really wanted to eat out but Kristi and I held strong! It's so nice to look at the meal and think... I only spent $2 to make all of this food. Love it!

Shooting with the boys

A couple weeks ago Rillz, Ren, Jeff, Brent, Gunnar and I went shooting. We met at Heidi and Rens at 9 a.m. and drove to the shooting range about 15 min. away. We had a lot of fun. It was nice to get re-acquainted with my gun. What is the use of having a gun if you don't remember how to use it.. right?!? Anyways, it was a lot of fun and all the boys were very patient with me in teaching me how to use all the different guns. Of course I am in none of the pictures but oh-well. Just better get used to it now because it won't change.

We didn't bring targets so just found random trash that has been left. Then we stuck clay pigeons on/around the trash. This was my favorite target. It's like a little creature with ears.
Gunnar was so good and just enjoyed picking up shotgun shells and filling them with dirt.
Going shooting is fun, cheap family entertainment.

Celebration of Life party

March 26 my family and extended family got together for a celebration of life party for my Uncle Stan. He is my grandma Jeans brother. Really I thought of him as my Grandpa. He lived with my family for a while when I was younger, probably when I was around 14 or 15 he moved in after a really bad car accident. Thats when I got to know who he even was. After he recovered from his car accident, I would go into his room and say "Hey Uncle Stan, what you doing?" Of course he knew what that ment and would always ask "Want to go to a movie?" So we would. Just me and him. Drive in his Camaro to McDonalds and then to whatever movie I would drag him to. From then, I became very close to Uncle Stan. Rillz knew him too for a long time. They would play the eukulele together at the hawaiian parties. This last year Rillz and I tried to visit him and Margene a couple Sundays a month. He would always have the BEST stories to tell. Rillz and I loved sitting in their living room for hours just talking. He spent christmas eves with us too. He definitely brought joy to a room! Love you and miss you Uncle Stan! Thats my gruffy mountain man Uncle Stan and Margene Aunt Nancy. Uncle Stan's (and my grandma Jean) sister. I just LOVE my aunt Nancy too! Beth, Uncle Stans daughter. Nice eyes Beth... haha My mom at the party.

We danced hula and played music. This is my favorite Keiki outfit. They are so darn cute!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Work and wedding...

Crap-ola... It has been over a month since writing on my blog. It's not that things aren't happening in my life to write about... just that to much has gone on that I am never home long enough to relax and write. What have I been up to? Work and wedding. That about sums it up. The last couple weeks I was working 12-14 hrs a day. Doesn't leave much time for anything else. Thank goodness Rillz is amazing and such a BIG help around the house, like doing the laundry so I have clean clothes. And wedding planning is in full force. My living room has boxes full of wedding favors. I swear everyone who lives in Hawaii also think they are on vacation. Grr.... oh well. Rillz and I started following a dinner menu plan. Rillz made up a month menu plan. Our goal is to not eat out at all for any meals this month. We are really loving this. Granted, it has only been a week but I feel really good about it! Meat is already thawed, no guessing whats for dinner, so great. Speaking of cooking, Jeff (Kristi's husband) asked Rillz if he would do a young mens activity on cooking. So last night Rillz did his young mens activity and enjoyed doing it. He had the boys flip eggs and then make a grilled ham and cheese and taught them how to doctor up canned tomato soup. Everyone enjoyed it! Random: Kristi made me a pillow for my birthday (yes three months ago and I am now just posting about it). The pillow is so cute and looks great in my living room! I have plenty more to write but don't feel like it right now. Hopefully it won't be a month from now when I post again. :)