Friday, February 25, 2011

Date Lunch

This week Rillz and I were out and about doing errands and I told him I wanted to take him to lunch. Somewhere we had never tried yet. The Creperie. We entered the place and found ourselves excited about the menu. The menu had pictures for all their crepes. Great for a visual person like me. I had coupons for buy a savory crepe and get a sweet one for free. Great! I ordered the Faux vegan and Rillz got the Soleil sunrise. We definitely were not disappointed. One is plenty big to fill you up. The sweet dessert ones were just as great! We had a difficult time picking which ones we were going to get. After both of us changing our minds a couple times I settled for the Thai banana coconut nutella. Oh my! They used coconut milk, not just shredded coconut. And Rillz got a peanut butter, banana ice cream one in a cone! What an awesome and delicious concept! We talked to the owner for a bit who was VERY nice! The Creperie was a really enjoyable experience and I love supporting great local business' so I will definitely be back!

Unfortunetely I was so excited to start eating my savory crepe that I forgot to take pictures of them. :)

But here are the sweet crepes.

Stop drooling and go to the Creperie if you live in or near Boise, Idaho!

Girls day

Back in January I had won tickets to a Bridal show extravaganza thingy. I wasn't engaged yet but, hey, they were free tickets. I called up Heidi and asked what she was doing that day. We decided to make a day out of it together. We packed up Camden and headed to Boise. The bridal show was typical. Nothing exciting especially because most were vendors and I don't need to really hire anyone from Boise for a wedding in Hawaii. Heidi and I still had fun though. Camden LOVED the runway show. She would watch all the ladies go up and down in those gowns. It was really cute! We then went to Cafe Ole for lunch and Camden was asleep the whole time. Heidi and I did some shopping and went back to my house at the perfect time because Camden decided to have a HUGE blowout! After cleaning her up we headed out to a family gathering. It was really fun hanging out all day with Heidi and Camden! Thanks for coming along!

Camden ready to go.

Sleeping during lunch

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am....


Rillz proposed to me in Hawaii on Sunday February 13. He took me to watch the sunrise and have a picnic breakfast. I did NOT think he was going to propose. I knew he picked out a ring and thought it was still on layaway. We woke up and grabbed Zippy's breakfast. We went to this ridge called the blow hole. We hiked down to this private beach and had our picnic and watched the sun. After we ate I wanted to hike around and when I was admiring this cove area I turned around and Rillz was holding the ring. The only thing that came out of my mouth was "you're not supposed to have that." Really romantic huh. And Rillz said... "So....what?" And then he got down on one knee and asked me for real. And then I cried... Happy tears! Our wedding is going to be September 24 of this year in Oahu... and a reception in Idaho. Better get started.
This is my engagement/wedding ring.
After he proposed

I am wearing a very ghetto outfit but I didn't know I was getting engaged. And it was 6 a.m. when we left the house.

The sunrise with the waves crashing against the rocks.

Our Zippy's breakfast.

Hawaii wedding

Rillz and I went to Hawaii on Feb. 9 until Feb 14. It was sadly a short trip but we needed to get back to work. Rillz's really good friend Davey was getting married Feb. 11. We got their and immediately went to get Rillz fitted for his tux and shopping for the wedding day food and bachelor party (yes, I went to Waikiki for the bachelor party too so all the boys would have a dd). We stayed in a HUGE rental house the first 2 days. All day thursday was wedding stuff too and rehearsal dinner. Friday was the wedding. Rillz helped cook and I helped decorate. The wedding was nice and I definitely got my dance on that night!

The wedding party

At the wedding

Isn't the flower girls so cute! The middle girl is the bride and grooms daughter.

Me and Natalie. She is from Idaho too and 5 months pregnant!

Natalie and Tommy from Idaho.

All the grooms men. There were 12. Holy cow!

The view from our master bedroom at the Makaha house. So nice to wake up to the ocean and birds.

The sunset.
Rehearsal dinner.

Rillz b-day

Rillz and I were going to Hawaii on his birthday so we celebrated it with my family the Saturday before. I made lasagna, salad, and breadsticks for everyone. We had a great time. Brent had just got a new hunting wii game so Brent, Rillz, Ren and I played it for a long time. Happy 32nd birthday Rillz!

Gunnar loves doing the heavy heavy hangover game on anyones birthday

Rillz got this duffel bag and Gunnar got a ride in it.
Can you tell the candles are shaped into a 3 and 2 for his age?

The hunting game
Family dinner.
Rillz and cuddly Brecken
Camden giving grandma loves!