Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last couple days in Hawaii

After our wedding, Rillz and I were able to have a little fun, stress free! We spent a day with Kristi, Jeff, and the boys site seeing. Our first stop was visiting a cemetery where Rillz's close relatives have been buried. Rillz wanted to show his respect and place our wedding flower arrangements at the headstone.

A spiritual stop was the Oahu Mormon temple. Rillz and I are not currently active in any religion but are always open to knowing more about all religions. Kristi and Jeff are very active in the LDS religion and wanted to visit the temple. We tagged along. The Oahu Temple has an amazing visitors center. And, like all temples I have seen, the Oahu temple has beautiful grounds and building structure.

Once leaving the temple we headed off to eat. Our stomachs were making more noise then the two boys in the middle seats. :) We stopped at Giovanni's shrimp shack. I make it a point to visit that place at least once when I go to Oahu. Kristi and Jeff loved it as much as we always do! Yum. Dessert anyone? That is when Matsumoto comes into play. Ahhh... who doesn't love an amazing flavor of Hawaiian shaved ice with ice cream at the bottom.

Mahalo for virtually following us on our special Hawaii trip! One we will NEVER forget.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding day part 2

I have attempted to finish posting on our wedding but get so frustrated by the old way of uploading photos. It took FOREVER to upload a photo, assuming it even uploaded. So I got so fed up I just stopped trying. But I just discovered that blogger has changed their upload system and is now way easier. So here goes attempt #...too many!

Photos taken between ceremony and reception:
Rivera side

Hollingsworth side
We love them! Two days before our wedding Rillz was feeling very sick and didn't look to good. These guys took good care of him and made some SUPER yummy soup to make him better and Davy had us stay over to get away from stress at the house :)

I love my flowers! So bright and colorful
Looks like I am smelling my armpit!
These boys are so funny

Davy had these random sunglasses laying around his house. They just happened to be our wedding colors and so they just had to wear them!
In some of these pictures we were waiting forever to get the "perfect" splash on the rocks behind us.
Isn't he handsome!
Downtown Honolulu. People loved staring. And there was a parade going on at this moment
This was our card box. I layered the bottom with moss
This was our "guest book" Quilt squares that I am making a quilt with
Table decoration. The driftwood from the ceremony and then flower arrangements
Our Cake. Our florist SAVED the cake! The hotel did not do what I wanted with it so the florist put all the flowers on it. I ended up loving it! The hotel forgot to set out the cake cutting knife too so we just used our dinner utensils.
Table centerpieces. Simple but I liked them
Our wedding favors. Soy sauce bottles with our names and wedding date on them! Rillz came up with this idea and it was awesome. (Not so awesome filling 250 bottles though!)
I like this picture! Just looks happy
The dessert plates were decorated so cute!
These two were so cute! Gunnar and Mali just danced like no one was watching
Who doesn't get teary eyed when dancing with their dad!
Can you believe the hotels tablecloth. So ugly and out dated. Haha!
The garter tradition thing has always been such a weird concept for me. Rillz wanted to do it though. So, there he goes. :)
Mom is a crier! I love my in-laws
Filipinos have a different style of money dance. The guests place money on the bride and then the groom has to get it with his mouth. And vice versa with me getting it. My dad placed it on my butt. (see it rolled up where my train is buttoned up)
Rillz getting some booty action! Haha.
We took a picture on the beach. Haha (we ran out of time to go to the actual beach and take pictures and there was just too many tourists on the beach by the hotel)
I loved my hair! Marlou did an amazing job.
I like the colors in this one. This is the hotel lobby.
More pictures...
Can you believe Kristi with straight hair?!?
Finally, I was able to download some photos! Here is Rillz and my special day together. The beginning to a new Rivera family. I am so happy and excited to spend my life with this loving, caring, funny, hard working man!
I love you Rillz! Thanks for choosing me to be your wife!
We wouldn't have been able to have a stress free wedding without the HUGE help of Rillz's family and friends. A big thank you to Beang, Mike, Davy, Marlou and Arlene for all your help on our wedding day!