Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This week has been freezing in Boise! We got 2 inches of snow on Sunday and now probably another inch since then. I played in the snow yesterday but it is just so FREAKIN cold outside I hardly want to venture out there longer then 10 seconds. Snow is so pretty and nice to look at from inside a warm cozy house but is cold and slippery and the ice it creates causes a lot of accidents on the road.

Here is a snow picture while I was at work

This was a tree branch with layers of snow. It was really pretty but kinda hard to tell in this picture

This tree looked cooler in person too. But I think it's pretty

Everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!! Gobble Gobble

Yellow tomato soup?!?

This week the little boy I nanny has been out of school so I have been working 12 hour days. Yesterday I wanted tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I was looking in the pantry everywhere for tomato soup. I came upon a can that was yellow tomato soup. WHAT?!? Does that even exist. I was really excited about it after discovering the can so of course I had to make it. It tasted just the same, the yellow color kinda threw me off a bit but I was just surprised that Campbells made yellow tomato soup. Pretty neat.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

recent loving and hatings...


* my crock-pot and the fix it and forget it crock-pot bible!!
* Malu and Simon... they are crazy dogs
* The Office (Neither Rillz or I work in an office, so I am talkin about the
* Parenthood (again, not parents so I am talkin 'bout the t.v. show) LOVE this show!!!!
* Breathe Right strips. Ever tried them? You should. They help me sleep and breath so much better at night. I was very skeptical at first. But now I am hooked.
* Couponing. Oh the money I save!
* Automatic car starter. Makes my car nice and warm for me in winter and cool in summer!
* Heidi and Kristi's babies! Helps a little to prolong my bad desire for one.
* Rillz's cooking skills. Yum!
* when Rillz speaks in a different language (speaking of different language, in the mail lately, Rillz has been getting offers and advertisements in spanish. Neither I or Rillz know spanish!! Just because his last name is Rivera doesn't mean he is mexican. But I love that too. It's good comedy)
* Family Feud. I suspect I would be good on that show.


* Simon not letting me cut his really long nails. I don't want to go spend $10 on a nail trim either
* Our t.v. reception. The t.v. will cut out if a car drives by or if we sit in the wrong position.
* sorting coupons in my binder. It sucks. It is hard to convince myself to do it.
* Doing laundry. I hate it. I typically forget about the clothes in the washer and then have to wash them again.
* brushing my teeth. I always brush and I know it is good health but I hate it! Always have.
* Bills... but who doesn't

Thats all for now. Peace and Love

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My addiction to radio contests

Since I last won those tickets to a comdy show I have grown addicted to calling into the radio programs to try and win things. At certain times of the day I have caught on to which radio station is looking for caller 6,7,8 or whatever caller number. Typically I call, busy, call, busy, call, rings rings rings until goes busy. I keep trying until they announce a winner or until I have to get out of my car because I reached my destination. I only listen to radio stations and call in when I am driving. Lucky for me, Idaho doesn't have a cell phone law. Anyways. Like I said call, busy, call, busy, call, ring ring ring then busy. That is 90% of the time. Today I was driving somewhere and a radio station, mix 106 says win sara bareilles tickets. Rillz and I are planning to go to this concert. But we really don't have the $40 to spend on entertainment. So of course I tried. I got through! Woohoo. The catch... they played sounds of shooting a certain gun and I had to guess the gun it came from. Are you freakin kidding me. Whatever I will give it a shot (no pun intended). It rings and then the radio guy picks up and puts me on hold to see if someone else guesses right! Cool. I hear the shots and sounds like this... bpew. bpew. bpew. Really? Doesn't every gun sound like that. I get it wrong of course. Rillz was with me and I said "Rillz here is my phone, you try". It rings rings rings and then busy. Try again same thing. So I call again and the guy, again, says hey hold on the line. I yelled "Rillz come here your on hold!" Rillz didn't even hear the gun shot yet and said "I am going to guess Glock 9" He said it and WON! I was SO happy! Now we get to go to Sara Bareilles for FREE! I love radio station contests.
Here is a video of Sara Bareilles. You may recognize her songs!