Monday, March 29, 2010

My weekend

It was a good weekend. Saturday we went and celebrated Easter at my Aunt Nancy's house. It is always a lot of fun. And this year Rillz was able to come by. The adults had an egg toss. Heidi/Ren and me/Rillz were the last ones standing. Heidi and Rens egg dropped SO many times and never broke. Cheaters. But we put up a good fight. Mine splattered all over my hands. The little ones had an egg hunt. Always a fun event. And then we all played/listened to music and us girls danced a couple songs.

The music men

Heidi hated how Ren was wearing his hat and made me take a picture. Ren didn't care what he looked like and was unwilling to wear it "normal".

Heidi... making music with a wooden frog

The Aunties... Auntie Chris and Auntie Pattie

The guys again

On Sunday I woke up and starting working on my side yard again getting all the weeds out so after the trees get pulled then I can plant my garden. I am way excited! I used to HATE gardening. Like really HATE it. I made every excuse to not work in the garden when I was younger. Now it is kind of relaxing... oh no does this mean I am maturing? Anyways what I hated more than gardening was worms. I am trying to get past my phobia. Really, phobia of an innocent thing that can't hurt me...YES! I really do. Everything about them FREAKS me out. I squeal a bit and then pick them up with a shovel and toss it away. Well, in my own garden I need to get over it because they are oh so common. Not only worms but slugs too. So gross. Anyways, I cleared out the weeds and cleaned it all up.

Rillz came home from work and we took the dogs on an outing for a walk in the foothills. They were so good and SO tired when we got home.

Malu got to walk without a leash because she is a great listener and stays right by us.

She is waiting for us to catch up.

It was relaxing and pretty when we got higher up. Sunday had such perfect weather!

Just another picture looking over a piece of Boise
I had a great weekend. Only 4 more work days until the next weekend!


What a fantastic day of couponing:
My Albertsons trip... My receipt said I saved 100% on my groceries and a manager had to come and approve the purchases. I saved $140 and after coupons paid a whopping $2.80. I think I can pay that! I got some christmas luminating starter kits for christmas presents this year. They were free with clearance and coupons and so were the refills. The head and shoulders I had to pay .50 a thing and then tax was the rest of my balance.

This was my Walgreens deal. I paid $27 but got back $30 in register rewards towards my next purchase. So I made money on these items.

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday!

It's Friday... Woohoo! I am still sick but oh-well. So, the apprentice last Sunday was good. Sinbad definitely was a good choice to go. And The Parenthood on Tuesday is still awesome! An hour a week is just not long enough. Something about that show just makes me happy. Last night I was sitting on my couch and look over at one of my lampshades and said "Rillz, I think I need to recover these lampshades with super cute fabric... don't you?" His response "Oh boy, we are going to be those old people with a house that has all outdated handmade stuff everywhere." Haha. It made me laugh. I have just been in a SUPER crafty mood. I made an example of Kristi's baby present already and it is soooo stinkin cute. I am obsessed and going to make more and more this weekend! The weather should be nice so I am going to do more lawn stuff. Kill trees, weed, mow, organize, you know stuff like that.

One last thing... Rillz can tell you this too but I have been overly baby crazy lately. I want a baby bad. But I absolutely know now is not the time for me to have babies because 1) Rillz and I are not married yet (hopefully soon...did you read that Rillz..hehe) 2) Rillz needs to find a great job with great benefits 3) Well, those first two pretty much cover it.
So no baby for a while for me. :(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunny walk

So today I went to work at 9. First, I woke up still feeling like doo doo. My throat hurt, I now had a dry cough that hurt, and my nose and surrounding area was not working to my liking. The last couple of days Sudafed P.E. has been my side kick every 6 hours on the dot. So I get to work feeling blah but then seeing the little boy I nanny so excited for me to be there was so cute and uplifting! We took a long walk in the foothills and it felt so good. The sun was shining but was not super hot. Amazing. We walked up this steeper hill and at the top you could look down on the neighborhood and parts of Boise. So pretty and relaxing. It made me feel better. What a good day! Only 2 1/2 hours until I get to go home.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I know...whats new. It is probably getting boring reading these couponing posts. But they are mostly for me for when I am older and can remember the things I did. So here goes.

I got:

15 cans of cream of mushroom- .25 cents a piece

9 cans of cream of chicken- .25 cents a piece

6 bags of tortilla chips (3 were the hint of lime kind... oh my gosh the best!)- $1 a bag

3 packages of oscar meyer chicken deli meat- $1 a package

3 packages of oscar meyer turkey deli meat- $1 a package

All for $18. I didn't keep the receipts but I am pretty sure I must have had a catalina to use because I don't think I paid that much. Not sure. So the maximum I would have paid is $18. Which for 36 items is pretty darn good!

I got this at Walgreens. We needed band-aids and zyrtec allergy meds. Rillz gets bad allergies sometimes and his fingers are always getting really dried and cracked so he goes through a lot of band-aids. For all this I paid $23.50 and still have a $5 register reward. I saved $55. So with no sales and coupons I would have paid about $75 for all this.

I got 28 boxes of post cereal for $8.82. The night before I did this deal I went on post website to see what kinds of cereal they had. I asked Rillz what kind he wanted and named them off. His response while half listening to me was, " I really don't care, get whatever." So I said ok cool. So I get my cereals and name them off to Rillz. I got to the part mentioning "and I just got two boxes of fruity pebbles to maybe use for rice crispy treats or something" and get this response "fruity pebbles!!!! I LOVE fruity pebbles. The milk after you eat them is SO good and I LOVE cocoa pebbles". Are you series! You love fruity pebbles and failed to mention it and I didn't even buy cocoa pebbles. But oh jeez we have a whole stack of honey bunches of oats. So Heidi was so kind to share some of her left over post cereal coupons and I took Rillz to Albertsons to pick whatever 8 boxes he wanted. There is also a new Cupcake pebbles. It smelled like yummy frosting but just tasted like over sugared pebbles. Not really like a cupcake or anything near it. So not pictured in this post Rillz also got 8 boxes of post cereal, tropicana orange juice, 18 pack of eggs, and one gallon of milk for $4.50. And we have a $5 catalina to use on our next shopping trip.

The new motorcycle

Rillz has a new love.... his motorcycle. All he thinks, breathes, and talks about is his bike. Which is ok because all I typically talk about is coupons which has to get old for him so I don't mind. We got it from Harley Davidson, but no it is NOT a Harley. It is a Suzuki M50 Boulevard with 815 cc. Ok if I read that description without my recent research on bikes I would have no idea what that meant. Well, the Suzuki M50 Boulevard is just the Make and model of the bike and the 815 cc is how much power it has. Like little scooters have around 50-150 cc. Since Rillz got his bike Ren has been working and restoring his bike. Rillz has gone over to Rens a couple of times to talk bike. I swear they could both sit and stare at their bikes for hours. Boys will be boys. Happy bike riding darling!

His bike... The pictures don't show the true color. It is this pretty deep purple color. The pictures make it look blue.

I was driving behind him on the freeway and did think he looked cute on his bike!

You see that little tiny itsy bitsy seat behind his... thats my seat. I haven't actually ridden on it yet because his license doesn't allow it until he takes the STARS class in April. But, will my butt really fit on that? I guess we will find out.
Congratulations Rillz! Be safe and enjoy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Saturday far

It's only 10:30 on Saturday morning and my day is not going as planned.

Plans were:
*Get up early between 7-8
*Let dogs outside to play
*Finish homework that is due today
*Bissell my gross looking rug in my family room
*Eat Breakfast
*Pack some clothes (just in case I spend the night at my parents tonight)
*Get ready to leave the house
*Hit some yard sales around my area
*Go to Albertsons to use my doublers
*Go to school at 11
Ok that was just my morning plans. Here is what really has happened so far
*Woke up at 7, good start right?, oh wait fell back asleep because I had a terrible horrible sore throat.
*Woke up at 7:30 because my dog was banging the door open and shut to wake me up and get her outside. I successfully ignored her for 30 min. until she stopped banging the door and then I let her out.
*Returned to my bed and helped Simon (my other dog who hates going outside) on the bed because he is to fat and little to jump up by himself. Fell back asleep
*Woke up at 9 with a huge headache and still a terrible sore throat. Took sore throat meds, tylenol and mucus control meds.
*Finished my homework. Thats a good thing ; )
*Bisselled the gross rug. Still has stains from the dogs but at least now I know it is really clean. And I only bisselled it this morning because I have to give the bissell back to my mom after school today.
*Ate breakfast (corn pops cereal) while watching boring t.v.
*Kinda got ready to go to school. As in, wiped off yesterdays make-up and through on work out clothes. Why I can't wair cute clothes today... I don't know, don't feel like it I guess.
And thats all I actually got done. I have to be at school in 15 min. and still have a major headache and no motivation.
The rest of my day goes like this... get done with school, pack some clothes, pack the car with dogs and the bissell, and go to my parents to work on their yard for my moms birthday and then celebrate birthday and then I am supposed to go celebrate my two friends birthdays too but if this headache and light headedness continue I probably won't be able to do much but sleep and be lazy.
Well off to my 1 hour and 40 minute class I go. So not excited. Maybe I will bring snacks and eat my way through the time. Hmmm.... sometimes I have great ideas!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

new favorite t.v. show

While the little boy I nanny for is singing, pooping, playing with toilet and telling me to go away on the potty, I decided to write a blog entry real quick. Who knows how long he will be in there. 3 year olds I tell ya. Anyways, I am obsessed with the new show Parenthood. The show started 3 weeks ago and I love love love it! It's about one family. Kinda reminds me of Brothers and Sisters (I think thats what it is called, right Heidi? I know you are in love with that one) but it is not as political and Parenthood is more everyday situations some families deal with. Ex. one of the daughters had to move back with her parents with her 2 kids, one family just had a child diagnosed with Aspergers at age, looks like maybe 8. And his sister looks like a goody good but she bought pot and her cousin got the blame for it. Another son was deciding whether to propose to his girlfriend and just discovered he has a, I think, 4 year old son but still hasn't told his girlfriend. Anyways, it's a great comedy/drama show and I am falling in love with the t.v. family!

Also, I think I am going to get hooked on this seasons Celebrity Apprentice. I watched the first one on sunday and was SO into it! I definitely don't think the comedy girl, Carol Leifer, should have gone. I thought the '80's star, Holly Robinson Peete, curly haired bossy girl should have gone. Of course Cyndi Lauper could not go on the first round. She is too big of a star. And Sharon Osborne is just so excited to watch. I adore her! And Curtis Stone... a handsome fellow with talent. Rod Blagojevich the former Illinois Governer is just retarded and did a terrible job at being a waiter. I can't wait for the next episode on Sunday!

Well, I am glad I finally found shows that I LOVE and have the channels that don't cut in and out to watch. Like Fox, at my house I don't get good enough reception to watch it. Bummer.

Oh also, I am thinking of trying to become a newspaper carrier. I love waking up early anyways, a little extra income never hurts, and it is not difficult to do. Any thoughts anybody?
And, I started my post on Hawaii but I can't seem to finish it. There are SO many pictures so I will take my time but at least I have started on it. Thats progress! Well, Jack is off the potty and out of the bathroom and we are going for a walk in the sunshine!
Peace and Love to all!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hawaii 2009 Part 1

I might actually get this Hawaii post done. These are the pictures I took through-out the week. I will post part 2 just about the wedding that the professional photographers took. So here it goes. Rillz and I went to Hawaii August 26-Sept. 4 for Girlie (his older sister) and David's wedding. It was on Oahu which is also where Rillz's family lives. We stayed at his parents in Pearl City and a couple days in Waikiki because thats where the wedding was. I LOVED his family! They cooked like crazy and I experienced so much! Lets just get to the pictures already...

This is at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Just thought it was pretty.
Got chicken? The guy in the blue shirt is Rillz's dad. He built this chicken rotating cooker thing. He is so talented.
These are some cousins at a family get together in front of the house.

This is Nikko. He is adorable. It's one of Rill'z cousins kids.
The the Polynesian Cultural Center. We were there all day. There is just so much to see and lots of crafts and games to do.

Rillz was volunteered to go on stage during a demonstration to try and make fire with a stick.

He got that headband from trying to make fire.
Ok, Giovanni's!!! It is a shrimp shack and is to DIE for. Oh the shrimp and rice just melt in your mouth. If there was only something compareable here. Giovanni's was also featured on the traveling channel. Now I know why... it's truly amazing.
Rillz with his plate from Giovanni's. I could have eaten two plates that day. Rillz's mom and dad eating their plate.

This is Rillz's high school beauty. He was so proud of his truck. Tell me not, doesn't it look like it belongs in Gangster town. Wut up dawg, lets crewz.

Can I just say, YUM! Lilikoi soda was a staple for me.
Me and Girlie. I am not sure where she got these foam pink glasses from but whatever, they were silly.

Rillz's dad with a shark jaw. He took the teeth off and is now Malu's collar. I have to make sure Malu doesn't rub against my leg because the teeth snag and make holes in whatever pants I am wearing. Kinda annoying but the collar looks so good on her.

Don't try and fix the coloring on your screen. I am really that white! Just got out of the ocean. This was the car we drove everywhere around the island. His brother got it for free from a friend.

The Rivera family. The really tall one is Girlie's new husband David

Rillz, Girlie, and Elmer. Girlie stole that dress from me. Yes, I was wearing it and she told me she wanted and needed it. So now she has it.
Some beach photos

Auntie Tessy (Rillz's mom) has these beautiful orchads. A lot of them and different kinds.

Girlie cooking in this big wok that Uncle Aurelio (Rillz's dad) made. This is Uncle Roger. Funny guy.
Elmer at the wedding . Drinking Heinikin the classy way. In a tea cup. See that cute little lady in the pink? Elmer had her laughing so hard. It was fun!

In the hotel elevator on our way to the wedding.
Elmer and Rillz in their suits they had to wear. Rillz's was samll and he couldn't button the buttons.

These were our food plates the first night we were in Hawaii. Talk about a meal.

Here comes random

Ok so Rillz quit his Kanck Attack job back in January and has started helping out a friend for a while at a breakfast place called The Griddle until he can find a great job with benefits. He works about 40 hours a week compared to his 80 he was working and makes about the same pay for half the hours! So I get to see him more!

Also, I got eye glasses. I was getting really bad headaches, everyday, all day. I went to the eye doctor and he said my eyes weren't bad at all. I put the tester glasses on and it made quite a difference. I realized I was getting headaches because I had to squint so much. Even though the eye doctor said glasses weren't causing the headaches and my eyes really didn't need glasses I got them anyways. Rillz helped me pick them out, because believe me I would have picked dorky big framed bright ones that just weren't flattering. But he helped pick out very nice mature ones. I wear them mostly for computer, movie/t.v., and driving use. It has helped SO much! So thanks eye doctor... for nothing.

Here are my glasses. Yes, I am still in my robe with no make-up and hair not done. But I really don't care and just wanted to show my glasses. And yes, there is a fake cupcake in that shadow box behind me (there is a story behind it).

What else, Rillz bought a motorcycle. Pictures and details to come.

Jessica (my cousin, Cluff girl) and her husband Cody stayed with us while traveling to Auburn, Washington. That was fun! You know you are getting older when cousins call you to stay at your house instead of your parents! But I loved having them.

Um... oh we did a hula performance last Friday. It was a great crowd. Kristi is getting to big to fit in some outfits. I took a picture...

She is still not that big. For being due in about 4 months, she looks good!
All of us, boy have I been packing on some pounds too... unrelated to babies and all related to food!

These next two are from a performance February 5th. We just had some time to kill so took silly pictures on the hotel rolly thing. You can't even tell Kristi is pregnant in these ones.

We got Rillz's house rented out February 1st to an awesome tenant (at least I hope)! That was SUCH a blessing. With how many rentals are out there especially in that area I couldn't believe we got it rented out so quick. And we needed it rented out quick before some serious decisions were going to have to be made.

Lets see, lets talk couponing for a moment. Between 2/28-3/4 I bought 144 items at Albertsons. Without coupons or sales I would have spent 497.28. I spent 92.57 and saved with sales and coupons 404.71. Wow! Thats less than a dollar per item. I got expensive stuff too. That's awesome if you ask me!

Here are some old pictures of my dogs last summer. When I stayed at my moms house on the weekends I always brought my dogs. This particular Saturday we were bored so I took pictures of them...
Malu was still a puppy, about 8 months at this time, so she always played hard outside and then conked out on the couch. They are spoiled at my parents and get to sleep/lay on the couches. Definitely not at home! I thought she looked cute.
I didn't realize this one was sideways... haha sorry. Anyways she was patient and let me put the hat on her!
Simon with the hat

Malu fits the style of the hat better. If she were human, in this hat she would look like a rapper.

Cool boy.
I have plenty of more random old stuff I could post, you know like my Hawaii trip I took and failed to blog about any of it, but I better get out of my robe now that it is noon and clean, do homework, get ready for the day, coupon, and buy dog food because I am completely out, and I have Katherine coming over at 5. So until next time... peace and love.