Thursday, June 11, 2009

sand dunes

A couple weekends ago I was talking to my mom about the Bruneau sand dunes and discovered she had never been. Rillz had the day off from work and my mom wanted to go for a drive with us. Since neither of them had been, I decided we would go. It was about a 2 hour drive. We kinda got lost and had to stop at this scary looking gas station for directions. Rillz said they were so red neck. Haha. We got there and walked around. Rillz and I were going to climb a big sand dune in flip flops. We got half way up when we realized our feet were cooking!! We ran back down (with some difficulty because it is sand and HOT sand at that). My feet were bright red when we got back to the car. Lesson learned... Wear shoes and socks next time. We drove up to this lake/swimming area and walked around. I helped my mom sit down on a picnic table and as she sat down all these nasty moth bugs flew out of the cracks. My mom freaked out and I was laughing so hard. It actually looked really cool and I wish I had gotten a picture of it. After the sand dunes we were hungry! We stopped in Mountain Home at a mexican restaurant called Martins family mexican restaurant. It was pretty tasty. After that we were tired. My mom fell asleep in the back the whole way home! What fun we had.

Me and Rillz at the Sand Dunes

Rillz and mom

These were the nasty moth things. They were everywhere!

This guy was also on the ceiling of the shelter.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bills, bills, oh and more bills

I am sitting at work and paying my bills and thinking to myself "didn't I just pay this bill a week ago?" and then I say to myself "when do the bills end for the month?" GRRRRRR. Does anyone else just feel like they pay bills non stop. I mean, once you have them all paid for the month the next month starts right away. So frustrating. Oh well, I guess I should be grateful I can pay all these dumb bills.

On a good note... I have a flower box under my kitchen window that looked ugly because I never put flowers in it. Last night I went to Fred Meyer and bought some to put in the flower box and the dirt underneath it. I am not a gardener but figured I could handle this much. I took before and after pictures so I will have to post those soon. Just so you know the flowers in my care typically last a week before dead. So lets just see how long we can keep these little guys alive. The worst part of gardening is the dirt in my finger nails. I am not a girly girl but it just feels so gross.

P.S. Thank goodness its Friday!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moms cake making

The last 3 days of my whole week off I spent with my mom. I went to the gym with Kristi and mom and worked out! I was on the eliptical machine for literally 2 minutes and thought I was going to die! Anyways, my mom wanted to make a cake for Rillz. I got all the ingredients out for her but made her measure, pour, and cook the cake. She tried to get me to help but I refused and made her do it. She did such a great job and we were both so proud!

Moms Cake interview

Starting the cake making.
The finished product. It was an oatmeal cake with coconut/walnut frosting. So good!

A+ if you ask me!

What was I doing while my mom made the cake you ask?? I was trying on my new shoes and amuzing myself with my very own fashion show. These shoes were only $7 dollars! And the best part is I have no idea how to walk in hi-heels. But I am working on it.