Saturday, June 23, 2012

5 year experience

The last 5 years I have been a nanny for a family with one little boy. I started watching him when he was 5 months old. Over a month ago I made the decision that my work situation was no longer working out for me. I was and still am extremely sad to leave the child. I love him dearly and hope to still continue our relationship. I have now been out of work for 2 weeks. What do people do when they aren't working and have no kids? I find myself being so bored. I have been trying to wake up around 6:30 am every morning so I don't sleep in (I am WAY more productive early in the morning). Hopefully I will find a great family soon to be a part of because the series Breaking Bad on Netflix is almost all watched. :) Haha.
I am ready for new adventures and different experiences!

Thanks Dave Ramsey

        Like I had mentioned on a previous post, Rillz and I signed up for a financial class. It is called Financial Peace University created by Dave Ramsey. The class was a 13 week course and $100 for the materials (workbook, another book, cd's of all the lessons and a cash keeper book).  Rillz and I agree that signing up for that class was the BEST decision we have made together, besides getting married of course! We feel so blessed to have learned how to get on the right track to financial "freedom" so early in our relationship. Both Rillz and I are striving to achieve the same financial goals which means no money argumenents or disagreements! Feels SO good! We started the class in February and that is when it felt like money was coming from thin air to pay our financial debts. In 4 months we had paid off thousands of dollars in credit card, collections, and vehicle debts. Not to mention have saved up an emergency fund and already put money aside for airline tickets to visit family later this year. Our only significant debt now (besides mortgages) is my car. I have decided, sadly, to sell my car. I feel it is more important for us to get out of debt completely than to have my DREAM car!
       I am writing this on my blog not to brag but
1. I want to remember down the road that it is possible to live debt free and how much work we put in to get this way
2. Let people know that this class is worth every penny and time if you live by it! And that getting out of debt and living without loans and credit cards is achieveable and worth it!

Rillz and I are not perfect in our money spending at all. But, we feel much better when we do spend money and don't have to stress about alot of things now.
We have also learned more about retirement savings and types of insurance. We now have the right amount of insurance for our needs and feel really secure about knowing we will be ok if something unexpected happens. Definitely peace of mind.

Our next goal is trying to save for retirement and educate ourselves in more depth of all the options. It feels like I am reading in a foreign language still when it comes to that stuff!

I never thought doing finances and learning about money would be so fun! But I truly enjoy it now. I love when a new month is coming up and I get to do the Monthly Cash Flow Plan sheet and see how we did on the last Monthly Cash Flow Plan. Haha. Sounds super lame of me!

I highly suggest taking the class or renting his books from the library. It was worth our time and still is worth our time to listen to our cd's and continue reading books on it.