Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dear May 2011...

Dear May 2011,

Where did you go? May 2011 came into my life so fast and now is soon leaving my life for good. I have felt busy, busy, busy this month. Rillz and I are still using dinner menu planning. Which is awesome! Just makes things so easy! We have been doing A LOT of yard cleanup. Rillz put some sod in our backyard dirt patch. A week later, Diesel came over for a week while Jeff and Kristi went to Bend, Or. and Malu and Diesel thought it would be fun to pull up sod. So now we have little clods missing. Oh well, that's ok. The sod was free. And Malu LOVED having her cousin, Diesel, over to play for the week. Those to play, and play, and play. It is insane!

We also finally got the tree branches and tree crap off our property! The branches were sitting on the side of the house for a month. We live across from a NAPA auto part store and their dumpster faces our house. The other day I was working in my yard and the manager went to throw something away and got mad, yelled, and gave me a very mean look. I thought "What the heck?" Five minutes later he comes back out with a camera and takes pictures of the dumpster and then turns around and faces the camera to my house. I stopped him and said "excuse me, why are you taking pictures of my house"? He said "We found the same tree branches in our dumpster that were on the side of your house just yesterday." I said "you mean the ones that are STILL on the side of my house." Oh I was so mad. He continues "Well, I am not accusing anyone..." I said "Excuse me sure, but that is EXACTLY what you are doing. We DID NOT throw anything in your dumpster. I can understand how you feel annoyed but it was NOT us." He said some other things blah blah blah and then left. I told Rillz and he was so annoyed. Mainly because the manager dude gave me a bad look. We went over to the dumpster and it wasn't even the same type of tree. So that following Monday Rillz and I went to NAPA auto parts to talk to the guy again and let him know that his behavior was inappropriate. We told him that it is ok if they have an issue with us but need to talk to us about it. The manager dude had a big ego and it's good that their was a more level headed worker there to make him realize he was in the wrong.

The dumpster. Maybe they should lock it up or something. Not my problem.

Our tree branches... yep, looks like the branches are still on my driveway.

The branches and pine cones from NAPA auto part dumpster

My branches... no pine cones

Um... what else this month? Oh... wedding crap. I have been spending hours on making the invitations. They are just detailed and have a lot of parts. I am loving my flower lady in Hawaii. She has been very pleasant! I don't know how they will actually turn out but she has made me not worry about it. I found my florist and photographer the ghetto way. Hawaii craigslist. Haha. It was the cheap way and I think will be great. The Idaho reception... I have the place and flowers planned. Thats all.

Last week for mothers day we all cleaned up my moms yard. Unfortunetely Rillz and I had to leave early. But it was fun for the time we were helping. Kristi and Heidi and watching the little ones are always a lot of fun to be around.

We were weeding and Keilia decided to make herself cozy right in the middle of where we were working.

I have also wasted my May 2011 with a lot of Netflix. Been watching a lot of tv series like Hoarders, Obsessed, 10 things I hate about you (did you know that was a tv series)?, Take home chef. And been watching movies too.
Now I am getting my home ready for a family BBQ today. I love company coming to my house!

Oh yeah, I also already got my first sunburn this summer. Awesome.

Peace out! Here comes summer.