Friday, June 5, 2009

Bills, bills, oh and more bills

I am sitting at work and paying my bills and thinking to myself "didn't I just pay this bill a week ago?" and then I say to myself "when do the bills end for the month?" GRRRRRR. Does anyone else just feel like they pay bills non stop. I mean, once you have them all paid for the month the next month starts right away. So frustrating. Oh well, I guess I should be grateful I can pay all these dumb bills.

On a good note... I have a flower box under my kitchen window that looked ugly because I never put flowers in it. Last night I went to Fred Meyer and bought some to put in the flower box and the dirt underneath it. I am not a gardener but figured I could handle this much. I took before and after pictures so I will have to post those soon. Just so you know the flowers in my care typically last a week before dead. So lets just see how long we can keep these little guys alive. The worst part of gardening is the dirt in my finger nails. I am not a girly girl but it just feels so gross.

P.S. Thank goodness its Friday!!


Heidi said...

You need to invest in some gardening's soooo much nicer with them. I can't stand trying to get dirt out of my nails either so I always us them (at mom's house of course because mine is one big weed pile so why would I bother working out there?)

Try paying bills non-stop for two households at a time, even though they're not both coming from my $$$ it feels like a revolving door of trying to remember what was paid where to who.

Can't wait to see the flower pictures I bet it brightened up your house so much!