Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where have I been?

Holy cow! It has been over a month.
Reasons I have not been blogging...

*My laptop that holds my pictures is not getting internet for whatever dumb reason. So I have to get that fixed.
*I have been doing a lot of home projects sprucing up my house. Building things, installing things, decluttering... blah blah blah.
*And most important I have been COUPONING! My newest obsession. I got 29 pint sized Breyers ice cream for 4 bucks. Hello... can you say awesome deal. And 30 bottles of kraft bbq sause and 20 bags of planters trail mix FREE! Who doesn't like a good deal. So I am now at Albertsons surfing the shelves for products that are excellent deals instead of blogging. Or I am reading about amazing deals on peoples blogs.

So thats my reasons... good or not... why I have been missing.

With the house Rillz and I put a new front door on and re-did the pantry shelves (just in time for all that food). We are also moving in all Rillz' stuff so we can rent out his house and start saving money. We are hopefully planning a garage sale. It has been SO long since I have done a garage sale (and even then it wasn't my garage sale it was my parents doing it) so we shall see if it goes well!

What else, Oh I am trying to take a long walk everyday with Rillz to loose wait before Hawaii. With Rillz being an awesome chef and all that ice cream in my freezer I have gained a few. Oops. And I am trying to go to the gym more.

It has been stinkin hot outside! Now reaching in the 100's. I just don't want to be out there in the day.

I rode the thunder mountain train. When we got to the eating spot, about 1 1/2 hour train ride up, I had to perform hula for over 100 people by myself. Did a very horrible job I might add. No biggy though. The train ride was fun. We got mooned from a rafter.

Well thats about all my randomness for now. I want to put pictures up really bad! I have lots of my flowers I planted (one is dead now), my house projects, and of Rillz and my two days with Gunnar. All for another time.


Heidi said...

Nice to have you back on blogging world. Now you need to put up pictures, because Dad is always asking me to show more pictures!