Wednesday, November 17, 2010

recent loving and hatings...


* my crock-pot and the fix it and forget it crock-pot bible!!
* Malu and Simon... they are crazy dogs
* The Office (Neither Rillz or I work in an office, so I am talkin about the
* Parenthood (again, not parents so I am talkin 'bout the t.v. show) LOVE this show!!!!
* Breathe Right strips. Ever tried them? You should. They help me sleep and breath so much better at night. I was very skeptical at first. But now I am hooked.
* Couponing. Oh the money I save!
* Automatic car starter. Makes my car nice and warm for me in winter and cool in summer!
* Heidi and Kristi's babies! Helps a little to prolong my bad desire for one.
* Rillz's cooking skills. Yum!
* when Rillz speaks in a different language (speaking of different language, in the mail lately, Rillz has been getting offers and advertisements in spanish. Neither I or Rillz know spanish!! Just because his last name is Rivera doesn't mean he is mexican. But I love that too. It's good comedy)
* Family Feud. I suspect I would be good on that show.


* Simon not letting me cut his really long nails. I don't want to go spend $10 on a nail trim either
* Our t.v. reception. The t.v. will cut out if a car drives by or if we sit in the wrong position.
* sorting coupons in my binder. It sucks. It is hard to convince myself to do it.
* Doing laundry. I hate it. I typically forget about the clothes in the washer and then have to wash them again.
* brushing my teeth. I always brush and I know it is good health but I hate it! Always have.
* Bills... but who doesn't

Thats all for now. Peace and Love



Ummm I hate brushing my teeth- so sad to say- I DON'T do it every day! I know- I know. And now MIke has developed the habit from me. So now we both have bad breath- am I totally grossing you out now? We also have an antenna- and if teh wind blows by or a car goes by- bad reception- so frusterating- and do you love how much of oru lives have to do with TV?! I watch alot of tv shows- but different ones than you- parenthood- is that the super hero one?

HeidiT said...

Diddo on so many things. First of all, after our FABULOUS dinner the other night I find myself asking, "What would Rillz add to this to make it better?" as I am cooking. I even thought about calling him one time and then I realized I probably wouldn't even have whatever ingredient he told me to add to it!
Hurley still has long fingernails because we are too cheap too and he is a wimp and won't let us do it.

katy said...

That cracks me up. When I was reading the things you love I thought how funny she loves working in an office. Then I kept reading. Then I was like Funny she is not a parent she must be talking about Heidi and Kristis having their babies. Then I kept of reading. I hate brushing my teeth too. Especially when I am pregnant. You made very good lists. Mostly I am sorry about you TV. That really sucks.

Cannon's said...

Funny list....some of them I really related to. I wanted to cry when you talked about the auto start on your car. I just sold my super nice car that had that feature. I miss it sooooo much. I really loved the list idea. Maybe we should all do one. We might be surprised about how much we have in common.