Friday, January 21, 2011

I caved in and got...


We stream netflix from our Wii. We signed up for the free one month trial but I have a feeling Netflix is not leaving our house anytime soon. I told Rillz Netflix is the FIRST thing to GO if we start neglected the house and other responsibilities because of the tv. But this week it seems like our house is cleaner and more gets done than in the last month.
Rillz and I are just LOVING the easy streaming of netflix though. Just browse and click and BAM in seconds your watching what you just selected. There are so many great options. We are really into the documentaries about anything. The only thing negative is that there aren't that many options for NEW movies. We don't care. Netflix still has a great selection of movies, tv shows, special documentaries. It's going to totally be worth the $8 a month! I figured thats about how much we started spending on Redbox movies anyway to pass the time. I am still way to cheap for cable so I guess this is the next best thing!


Megan and Greg said...

Netflix is AMAZING!!! How have you not had it this whole time? I always think, "How are other places still in business?" I guess not everyone is on it yet! Isn't it the BEST!?! I'm happy for you.


NETFLIX is the best purchase you can possible make. And the new movies do come out eventually, and you can stil rent one out at all times- so that's when we get our new ones. OK- so you have to watch HOARDERS- oh my gosh- soooooooooo good- because it's so crazy!!!!!!