Thursday, March 8, 2012

Emergency vet surgery

This morning I had to undertake a huge task. I was presented with a very hurt animal... unicorn had untwisted his horn!

At that moment I didn't know if unicorn would make it. If he (yes, the purple unicorn is a he) wasn't loved very much by his owner, I am sorry to say it but, he probably wouldn't have made it. This was an urgent matter people!
I have been faced with some fluffy vet work in the past.
Polar bear needed some stomach work done. I think his owner thought he was a bit too fluffy for his size.
Dolphin needed a fin repair.

But unicorn work?!? This was going to be my hardest surgery by far!
I am happy to say, though, unicorn and surgeon made it through surgery just fine. The owner couldn't be happier. Unfortunetely the owner is not letting unicorn get the proper rest needed. :)

All in a hard days work!


Kristi M. said...

Oh my goodness. That is so funny! At first I thought, what did one of Mindy's dang dogs do this time. I've had to be a surgeon a time or two as well. Cracks me up.

Lizzie said...

hey....the vegetable/fruit storage system for my wall....i wish i knew what you were talking about!! was it for food storage and i posted it 3-4 years ago? if it was the can rotator, then you can get them where you live i'm sure at the food storage stores, but if it was wood, with 4 cream canvas containors hanging on it (on the wall), i got that at costco 8 years ago. sorry, i'm not more of a help! take care!