Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last couple days in Hawaii

After our wedding, Rillz and I were able to have a little fun, stress free! We spent a day with Kristi, Jeff, and the boys site seeing. Our first stop was visiting a cemetery where Rillz's close relatives have been buried. Rillz wanted to show his respect and place our wedding flower arrangements at the headstone.

A spiritual stop was the Oahu Mormon temple. Rillz and I are not currently active in any religion but are always open to knowing more about all religions. Kristi and Jeff are very active in the LDS religion and wanted to visit the temple. We tagged along. The Oahu Temple has an amazing visitors center. And, like all temples I have seen, the Oahu temple has beautiful grounds and building structure.

Once leaving the temple we headed off to eat. Our stomachs were making more noise then the two boys in the middle seats. :) We stopped at Giovanni's shrimp shack. I make it a point to visit that place at least once when I go to Oahu. Kristi and Jeff loved it as much as we always do! Yum. Dessert anyone? That is when Matsumoto comes into play. Ahhh... who doesn't love an amazing flavor of Hawaiian shaved ice with ice cream at the bottom.

Mahalo for virtually following us on our special Hawaii trip! One we will NEVER forget.


katy said...

Wow, the temple is cool. I haven't even seen a picture before. Looks like you had fun. Your wedding pics are so pretty. I have been reading your posts just haven't been commenting. I am so happy for you guys. You just seem like the happiest couple.