Saturday, June 23, 2012

5 year experience

The last 5 years I have been a nanny for a family with one little boy. I started watching him when he was 5 months old. Over a month ago I made the decision that my work situation was no longer working out for me. I was and still am extremely sad to leave the child. I love him dearly and hope to still continue our relationship. I have now been out of work for 2 weeks. What do people do when they aren't working and have no kids? I find myself being so bored. I have been trying to wake up around 6:30 am every morning so I don't sleep in (I am WAY more productive early in the morning). Hopefully I will find a great family soon to be a part of because the series Breaking Bad on Netflix is almost all watched. :) Haha.
I am ready for new adventures and different experiences!


HeidiT said...

Welcome to the unemployed club, yippee! Funny that you mention your boredom because when I was just thinking yesterday about how different my time off from working would be if I didn't have a my house would be spotless and all of the "projects" I have planned would be accomplished. You'll find something soon, you're a great nanny!

Jess said...

Hoping that you find something great soon !! :) I'm sure you will you are amazing . You have always been so good with the little ones .

Kristi M. said...

I too think it would be different without your own kids. They just suck the time out of your day somehow and it feels like you have nothing to show for it like a clean house. You will find something when it is meant to be. You are a great nanny.