Monday, March 4, 2013

Pregnancy photo shoot

I was on craigslist one day and a lady was looking for pregnant women in their 3rd trimester to practice maternity shoots for her portfolio. She would do the shoot for free! Hey, that sounds fun and it is something I would not pay for because I don't have extra money laying around right now. So I e-mailed her. She had a list of women that responded and she would choose from. She asked if I would want another person (husband or child) in the pictures too. I said, well, if you wanted a husband to practice with too then sure but, I also have a sister who is pregnant. She got right back to me wanting to schedule something with the both of us! So I called Kristi that day and said "hey guess what Kristi, I signed us up for free maternity pictures. What day are you available!" Haha!
It turned out to be really fun! Kristi was 33 weeks and I was 29 weeks along.
We did a lot of different poses and clothing changes but I guess those must have not turned out well because I didn't see any of them. That's ok because guess what, these were free!

When Kristi and I were doing these poses, wholly cow, we had the fit of the giggles! We could not stop laughing!
And here is Kristi's solo shots!
We are excited to have the babies so close! And it is coming up so soon that our little additions to the family will be here! Thanks Kristi, for going along with me!


Kristi M. said...

That's what sisters do. They sign each other up for things. This was really fun and I am actually glad that we have them for our little guy.

Megan and Greg said...

Fun! I never did anything like that. The one with the red top is fun! I really like the second pic. You know, not a as creative as the others, but a really nice picture. I like it.