Thursday, March 26, 2009

Arizona Aloha Festival

Since everything that has happened in my life the last 4 months, I felt I needed to get away bad!! Some of my hula "family" were going to a festival in Arizona for a couple days. They left late friday and came back late sunday. I decided to go because I wouldn't need to take time off work for it! Let me tell you.... so worth it and what I needed! We arrived in Arizona at midnight and me, Tasha, and Michelle (we were the only younger ones that went) stayed up talking girl talk in the outside swimming pool of the hotel until past 3 in the morning. We went to bed only to wake up at 8 to eat breakfast and start our day. We went to the festival that ran from 10-5. Stayed all day. We ate GREAT hawaiian food, shopped a lot and watched many talented performers. There were like 5,000 people who attended. Crowded! It was right by Arizona State University. That college town is so neat! If I had a choice of where to go to school, that would be a top one! Everyone that helped us in stores/restaurants were so nice too! It was just a really chill town. The vacation was short but I learned a lot about my heritage and just really enjoyed all the aunties/the two uncles/the girls! Oh yeah and the weather was high 70's. So nice!!!! My arms got sunburned on the first day. So lame!

This is a video of an amazing child dancer that was just too irresistable to post for everyone to enjoy.

Us three girls. Michelle, Tasha, and me ready for the festival. We were waiting for our shuttle to come pick us up at the hotel and take us to the festival.
Tasha went up and danced on one of the stages.

Here we are again... this was at the end of the first day. We were headed off to dinner. We ate at a really yummy mexican restaurant with the nicest workers! First we went shopping and saw some cute clothes that I wanted but have zero money to buy... oh well.

This bicycle was neat. I am pretty sure it is an art piece but we couldn't resist sitting on it and taking a picture.
Michelle and me just chillin

Here are some of the aunties we went with. They sat and watched performances more than I did. There were three different stages going all day!

Yes, people, I am eating my first piece of chicken in 3 1/2 years. I guess its time to start venturing out of my old ways.

Food, food, food. So great!
Here is Tasha and Michelle in the Boise airport before we even left for Arizona


Danielle said...

Wow- looks way fun! That little boy was so cute! I bet it was nice for you to get out and away for a weekend.