Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday mom!

So tonight we celebrated my moms birthday early because my dad was leaving for Iraq on Sunday and Brent and Noelle were also in town. The whole family was together! It felt great to have everyone there. And Uncle Stan and Margene were also over at the house too. We had a great time, like always, enjoying each others company. We had pizza and salad for dinner and cake that Heidi made for dessert! My mom is now 47. She was worried all week because she didn't know how old she was. She thought she was in her mid 50's. After dinner and dessert and lots of loud talking we took family pictures. They are on my moms camera so I don't know how they turned out. Happy Birthday mom!

The family singing happy birthday and my mom blowing out the candles.

Gunnar playing "Heavy Heavy Hangover your poor head..." He gives the answer away
My dad was embarrassing my mom in front of everyone.

Lighting the candles. Good job Noelle, I am glad you figured the lighter out.

Brent and mom. Brent was in a lot of pain that night from moving my parents old t.v. up a flight of stairs.

The birthday cake. Thanks Heidi it was really delicious!

Check out those boots. Auntie Mindys boots fit just right.


Heidi said...

MMMM, I could use a gigantic piece of cake right about now. I'll have Ren put the pictures from mom's camera on the computer this week so that I can get everyone copies. Love Ya! PS - since you owe me $$$ I was thinking you can just get me something REALLY cool from AZ this weekend.

Kristi M. said...

Fun times when the entire family is together. Mom did such an awesome job on that song!

jeff said...

That cake was good. I couldn't wait for the next morning so I could eat the rest of it for breakfast. Heidi, that was the best one you have made so far.