Thursday, May 28, 2009

Backyard Fence

On Wednesday and Thursday Rillz and I got to spend both days together. We decided to start the big, complicating task of making a fence in my backyard. My dad had a big dog kennel that he wasn't using and gave us the panels to use as the chainlink fence. Money saver!! We started on the easier side of the house and finished in about 6 hours. The rest of that day we spent going to home improvement, lumber, metal, farming stores. You name it... we were probably there. We were looking for a metal post with a flange (metal plate on the bottom of the post that has holes to drill in the ground). No where had them. I thought it would be a common item. Guess I was wrong. We gave up for the day and went to Tucanos (a brazillian type restaurant) for dinner with some friends. Thursday we woke up and Rillz had to go in for about an hour and a half and I just went with him. I started calling fence companies to find someone who sold those dumb posts. I finally found a metal shop that could specially make them. We went down there and they were cheaper than we had been quoted on the phone... always good to hear! We went to Home Depot and rented some cement drilling device to drill the screws in. Anyways... so now our poles are up and the kennel panels are still waiting to be finished. Yet another project around my house that is just waiting to be finished. But when I have a fence it will be great!

The before picture of no fence
What do we do with this?

Drilling the wood to the brick house

The after picture. (notice how it is a kennel panel)
Drilling holes into the concrete for the poles.

Great fence building Rillz. I tried to help as much as possible but that equals not much help. Oh well.


Heidi said...

Looking good! I like how you take before and after pictures, I'm no good at remembering to do that!