Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing with Gunnar!

So for the first couple of days that I didn't work I went to my moms for the weekend. She had a brain scan the day before and I think that wore her out because she was awake for probably 10 hours from Friday night to Sunday night. On Saturday after hula lessons I went to a graduation party to perform hula. It was fun like always.

Monday I woke up and Rillz and I made a makeshift fence in my backyard for when Gunnar was over. I went and picked up Gunnar from my moms house at 12:30. We headed off to lunch. He fell asleep right when he got into the car so I decided to drive to Boise before we ate. He wanted to eat at McDonalds. (which any fast food with a playground inside is McDonalds to him). So we really went to Carls Jr. After that we went to the store to buy dinner stuff, water guns, and chalk. We were going to have bbq chicken so I let him choose the chips and drinks and anything else. So we ended up with curly cheetohs, grapes, sprite in the individual bottles, veggie mix w/ ranch. We went to my house and Gunnar played and played and played with the dogs. (luckily my dogs are very patient and nice to kids cuz Gunnar isn't the softest player). When Rillz came home from work we ate dinner and set up a tent in my backyard. Rillz and Gunnar played with chalk and the water guns.

Gunnar flying on a skateboard in his pajamas. This kid was still crazy at 10:30 p.m.

Rillz and I around the campfire. My hair is crazy cuz I took a shower and didn't do anything with it.

Gunnar and Rillz relaxing. They made the fire. Gunnar brought all the wood out from the shop because he wanted to help Rillz. What a great little helper.

If you noticed, in an earlier post I talked about Malu always being over Simon, well I guess she does it with little kids too. I thought it was funny!

Happy camper

Us laying in bed when we woke up.

Gunnar sleeping. He slept at the bottom of the air mattress and didn't wake up 'til 8:30 when we put him in bed with us.

We went to breakfast at the Trolley House.
Gunnar and me eating breakfast.

Haha silly boys

After breakfast we went to the Train Depot. Gunnar LOVES trains. Rillz surprised me and Gunnar by just driving there.
Walking on the railroad tracks

At the train depot it is nicely landscaped and has this funky tree that you can kinda crawl around. Nice peace sign Gunnar! He is peace to the fifth power

I thought this picture was so cute! Brown guy with a very white boy.

After the Train Depot we went back to my house and ran with the dogs and played bubbles. These bubbles were at walmart for a dollar. I didn't think they would work so well but they make big awesome bubbles! Very impressed. And of course you can't see any bubbles in the picture... oh well.

Thanks Gunnar for spending a couple days with Aunt Mindy and Uncle Rillz. Oh yeah the next day Rillz kept asking... "whats Gunnar doing? Lets go get him and play with him." Just like a little kid. I guess Gunnar was asking if he could go to Aunt Mindys house the next day too. So funny!


Megan and Greg said...

You are such a good aunty! Gunnar's so lucky! Ok, your "crazy hair" in that pic? I would KILL to have waves like that. I thought it looked GOOD.