Friday, February 25, 2011

Date Lunch

This week Rillz and I were out and about doing errands and I told him I wanted to take him to lunch. Somewhere we had never tried yet. The Creperie. We entered the place and found ourselves excited about the menu. The menu had pictures for all their crepes. Great for a visual person like me. I had coupons for buy a savory crepe and get a sweet one for free. Great! I ordered the Faux vegan and Rillz got the Soleil sunrise. We definitely were not disappointed. One is plenty big to fill you up. The sweet dessert ones were just as great! We had a difficult time picking which ones we were going to get. After both of us changing our minds a couple times I settled for the Thai banana coconut nutella. Oh my! They used coconut milk, not just shredded coconut. And Rillz got a peanut butter, banana ice cream one in a cone! What an awesome and delicious concept! We talked to the owner for a bit who was VERY nice! The Creperie was a really enjoyable experience and I love supporting great local business' so I will definitely be back!

Unfortunetely I was so excited to start eating my savory crepe that I forgot to take pictures of them. :)

But here are the sweet crepes.

Stop drooling and go to the Creperie if you live in or near Boise, Idaho!


Kristi M. said...

Heidi, Ren and Gunnar went a while ago and she was telling me about it. I went to their website and read up on them. Their history was quite interesting. Everything looked and sounded really good but I am not really a crepe person so I always wondered if I would really enjoy it that much. The dessert one looked really good though.

HeidiT said...

Wasn't it just fabulous?!! I swear I think about it at least once a week as I drive past it by work. I loved the coconut milk in the dessert crepe, so yummy.

katy said...

All I can say is yummy. My pregnancy could totally use a prepe like that first picture. I am so hungry now. I am happy for you but jealous for me.

Penny Cluff said...

I love crepes and never made them. The pic looked yum, but I am willing to bet Rilz could come up with one just as good or better! Hope the marriage plans are going well.