Saturday, July 16, 2011


I went camping with the Miller clan. Rillz wanted to go as well but I guess someone has to work. Our time line to leave was 10:30. With a few hiccups in getting the truck packed we finally left about 1:00. We were headed to Sagehen Reservoir. About 2 1/2 hours away. Kristi and I thought we were going to die off a cliff on the way there. Poor Jeff had to deal with us freakin out. We got to the campgrounds and there was hardly anything available. We finally found a spot to set up camp.

We set up the tent... phew, all the parts were there. The tent was big enough for all of us.
Me and Breckie boy. He was happy happy!
Gunnar was a fun little boy to camp with! When he wasn't WAY overly tired he was great and helped with everything!
This kid would NOT stop eating rocks! He would pack his mouth full if we weren't watching. Such a stinker.

Watch out... a deer! Haha. Ok, it's lame but Gunnar thought I was funny!

We had to go find wood for our camp fire. We road our bikes up a trail and found some. Jeff had to saw a log up, and he did some of it with a baby on his back. Oh and Jeff road his bike with Brecken in the backpack! Ha! Brecken fell asleep and we thought he was dead because how could he possibly fall asleep with all that jerking around? Don't worry, no babies were harmed.

After we collected the wood we put it in the kids bike trailer. Hence why Brecken wasn't riding in that and as you will see nor was Gunnar.

Gunnar road up the trail in the bike trailer but it being filled with wood on the way back Gunnar clearely wouldn't fit. So... this is how he road back. With Kristi on her bike! No Gunnar's harmed in this attempt.

We took Rillz's truck up and brought him back a souvenir. The souvenir kinda found us!
The next day (saturday a.m.) we all went on a 4 mile hike. It took us 4 hours! but was great and relaxing. Besides Gunnar and Jeff (and by no choice, Brecken) almost falling down the side of the mountain into the lake, everything went pretty smooth.

The Miller family 2011! You like Gunnar's pants? He didn't pack any pants. The morning was still kind of cold so Gunnar just wore his jammie bottoms. He was embarrassed at first. He asked me and Kristi if he looked like a girl. We then realized he thought the jammies under the shorts looked like leggings like the little girls wear right now. Oh, and how about Breckens socks? Someone forgot to pack Brecken some socks so he has Jeff's socks on.

We also went canoeing and bike riding again. It was a fun camping trip! We plan on going again next month. :)


HeidiT said...

Looks like fun!

Kristi M. said...

I have like 3 pictures of the entire trip and that is because I didn't take the camera on the exciting stuff. Next trip I must. It was so much fun. I am literally on the verge of laughing at some of things we did now that it is after the fact. Baby mountain biking in a backpack...leggings...Brecken socks...hiking adventures...oh man some of it is pretty funny. I can't wait for our next one.