Saturday, July 16, 2011

How the pool came about...

Two summers ago Gunnar came over to our house to have a campout in the backyard. I was still at work so Rillz had to hang with Gunnar for the afternoon. When I got off work I came home to Rillz and Gunnar filling up a pool. Wow. Cool. I wonder why we are now owners of a $100 pool. The story goes like this...
Rillz- I bought Gunnar a pool
Mindy- Wow that's a big pool for Gunnar
Rillz- I had to buy this one. I took Gunnar to Walmart for a kiddie pool and showed him the little pools. We walked down the pool aisle and he saw this one and wanted it.
Mindy- You let a 3 year old pick out the pool?
Rillz- I had to... he was about to cry. I couldn't have him throw a tantrum in Walmart. I didn't know what else to do. If he threw a fit, I might have hit him.
Mindy- Hahahaha! You panicked and gave into a 3 year old. How funny!

So, that is how Gunnar got the Rivera household a new big "kiddie" pool. The best... that first year Gunnar was afraid to go in it and didn't even use it at all.
Last year we didn't set it up. Just didn't have time. This year our backyard is a little more organized and we set it up. It would fit 4 adults hot tub style. Rillz was determined... this year Gunnar WILL get into his pool!
We had a bbq last week with Heidi and Kristi's family over. It was nice and sunny and Gunnar GOT IN his pool! He loved it and so did Brecken. Cami... not so much. I also bought a hammock on the 4 of July. So comfy. Love it!
We bought a cover this year that makes the pool water warmer. It's nice.

My new hammock! Love it.


Danielle said...

That story is hilarious. LOVE hammocks. Clay has a nice one from brazil he got on his mission but we don't have a hammock stand or trees or anything. Bummer.

HeidiT said...

Good thing Rillz had got a few years under his belt now and is much better at dealing with the demands of a child, haha!
Someday Cami will enjoy chillin' in the pool too.

Kristi M. said...

Love it! Cracks me up every time because we all know 3 year olds don't always get what they want. He has now been trained.