Saturday, January 14, 2012

Signs I am turning into a full blown adult...

I just turned 26 and I think I lost my adult virginity. This is why...
* I wore knee high tights for the first time (I only think of old church going ladies wearing those, no offence).
*I enjoy listening to NPR (national public radio). NPR screams nerd and business people to me.
*Went pants shopping in the junior department and they only covered half my ass. (Unfortunetely I am no longer into feeling the breeze from behind) :)
*I made myself a dentist appointment with a dentist I chose.
*I actually feel excited to go to school to expand my knowledge in my career. (A career has not been in my thoughts before)
*The worst, this morning I ran out into the driveway with my robe on as Rillz was leaving for work just to give him a Multi vitamin. Yep, just for a freaking multi vitamin.

I, Melinda Jean Rivera, am becoming an adult.


Megan and Greg said...

It never ends, feeling adult like. I always think it's wierd I'm an adult. Greg listens to NPR all the time. Your comment was hilarious. The knee highs cracked me up because I remember all the cool kids wearing them in middle school and I was like, "What do you MEAN you've never worn those?" Different generation, I guess. The dentist thing, the school, I could relate to it all. So funny. I turned 30 yesterday, so my adulthood has been way on my mind, lately.

Lizzie said...

such a funny post. i feel your pain. the junior section pants not covering your ass.....happened to me about 5 years ago. horrible. it was like a rude awakening.

the setee....i absolutely love it. however, it doesn't get a lot of use since it's in our entry. it's comfortable, but i don't know about cozying up for a movie on it. but i LOVE the way it looks. love it. it makes me smile everytime i see it.

i got it at ballard. i've seen it other places, but it's more money. sign up for their email list and then they'll send you a coupon eventually. (if you're thinking of buying one). but knowing you, you'll buy one for like 30 bucks at a thrift store and your talented hubby and you will reupholster it. and it will look better than ballards. = )

good luck.