Wednesday, January 11, 2012

year 2011

I started writing another post and my computer crashed on me. It has been over 4 weeks since I have had my laptop working correctly. It is fixed, thanks dad, but I wont get it back until Saturday. So, therefore, I am doing another kindle post (which is much harder than a laptop to type on). I decided to write on events and prices of 2011. So in the future I will have it for my kids to look at and compare (that is if the world continues after 2012). Haha.
Prices (based on national averages)
Gas: $3.89
House rent: $955.00
New house to buy: $202,100
Bread: $1.98
Gallon of milk: $3.39
Dozen eggs: $1.25
Wages: $40,925
Unemployment: 9.2 %
Movie ticket: $8.20
First class stamp: 44 ¢
College tuition: $7,605

Also, I have already 1/2 way completed one of my new years resolutions. The dentist. As fate has it, 2 days ago a bottom tooth chipped. So it helped kick my butt in gear and find a dentist. My appointment is next Thursday (the 19th). I may pee my pants a little that day out of nervousness! Wish me luck!