Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our life with dogs

When our renter moved out he left a broken futon but the cushion was still in good shape. So I suggested to Rillz to put it outside for the dogs. They were going to be left outside for hours that day so I thought they would like something soft and fluffy to lay on. Rillz said they were going to just tear it up. I said... no they won't. They will be happy to have a bed outside. We got home and I was proud to say... See Rillz, they didn't tear it up. They were so happy to lay on it, because they were! So the next day the dogs were left outside and loved their bed again but in a very different way. Needless to say, Rillz got to do a HA! I told you so!

The dogs peeking through the window when I went to take a picture of their masterpiece
And their wonderful work they created in the backyard. Used to be a nice cushion for them. I guess they had better ideas for it. It has been raining the last couple days so we haven't even cleaned it up yet. We are the ghetto yard of the neighborhood!
Other dog news...
Simon got a haircut today. We are to cheap to go take him in for a professional haircut so today he got a DIY cut. Haha! When his hair is long, I think it looks cute and hippie-ish. But because his hair is like human hair, it gets really matted and super dirty. So Rillz thinks he is just the grossest thing. Therefore, time for a cut.

This is Simon before his cut.

Hahaha!!! This is after.
His haircut makes me laugh! It was really fun cutting it all though. I like the feel of the scissors as it cuts through hair. But I better not quit my day job to become a dog groomer. Not the cutest look but Rillz will be happy to have a cleaner dog!
Our dogs keep us entertained!


Kristi M. said...

Wow! That is one bad mess you have there and poor Simon. His haircut does make him look younger. It's his puppy cut.

HeidiT said...

Oh poor Simon -- he has horrible luck with haircuts, even when you do actually pay for it they make him look like a dork. His coat is so funny how it's so light underneath. Looks like they enjoyed the cushion!