Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Summer

The last 3 months (my entire summer of 2012) was pretty unproductive. It consisted of watching the babies and Gunnar once in a while, went to Hawaii for a week, got less house work done then if I was working, and watched so much TV my eyes almost burst out of my head. I felt pretty sad and lonely that I couldn't blog even when I wanted. But I finally got out of my funk!
I did get a new job that I am excited about and have enjoyed so far!
Here is to being back on track and more blog posts to come (within the week, not taking 3 months to write.) :)



HeidiT said...

Camden SO loved hanging out with Auntie Mindy this summer! Glad you're out of the funk!

Kristi M. said...

The bottom picture made me realize how different Brecken and Gunnar look. There are some big differences. Glad you are out of your funk. I need to find balance before I get back into blogging.