Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The start to my holiday week...

This week of Thanksgiving I have off. So I figured what a great week to get so much done! Well, over the weekend one my teeth was feeling a bit painful here and there. So I figured I would call in on Monday morning and schedule to get a cavity filled Tuesday. I called and the nice lady said "He won't be in the rest of the week past today. So we can schedule somethine next Monday." What... next Monday! So they were so great that the Dentist stayed extra hours just for me. He was supposed to be out of the office by noon to catch a plane around 4. Well, I got in at 1:40. They started doing my teeth and were going to fill 3 cavities all in the same area. But when he started, oops, one was way to big and now needed a root canal. So, with my teeth already started on the cavity process they stop, show me a bill of what it will now cost me, and asked what I wanted to proceed with. I saw the paper and literally started crying in the dentists chair at the amount. The hygenist was SO sweet and kind while I was having my moment. I blamed it on my pregnancy hormones. ;) I went through with it all and it was PAINFUL! They numbed me, started, felt pain, numbed some more, started again, felt pain, had to numb AGAIN and finally the pain was tolerable. He said that was 3 times more numbingness than people normally need. That always happens to me though, I inhereted it from my Grandma Jean I guess. Not cool.

And, yesterday morning while at the doctors office for a check up I had just gotten out of the bathroom with a cup of pee in my hand and ran into our good friends in the hallway... Yeah, embarrassing. Nothing like being excited to see your friends with a cup a pee in hand... Hehe!

This week WILL be better! I am making a pumpkin cheesecake today and an apple pie tomorrow. Yummy!


Megan and Greg said...

oh man, i had one root canal and literally had a panic attack. having all those things in my mouth gave me super anxiety!


what's your last name now? haha. I'm sending you a christmas card