Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh Baby...

With Christmas around the corner we have been super busy. Rillz and I are both working our jobs plus a side job Rillz started. But in the middle of all that we started another house project for the babies room. We made the doorway bigger and setting up shelves to keep babies crap more organized! I am excited.
Speaking of baby... we find out the gender in 2 days! Better then christmas. My pregnancy has gone really well. Morning sickness was pretty non-existent. I am over being exhausted all the time. In fact some days feels like I have super energy! I have been obsessed with Spaghettio-s. Did you just vomit in your mouth! Yeah, weird thing to crave. I always want them for lunch though. And, I love eating sour candies too. I have been so blessed to have amazing sisters that are letting me borrow their maternity clothes (except Kristi because she kinda needs them herself!)
Anyways, here are some closet pictures so far...
Small doorway made it hard to get to the sides of the closet

 The back wall had a weird bump too. The bathroom plumbing bulged the closet wall out so we fixed that.

 The wall has chicken wire in it which makes busting down the wall more time consuming.
 The doorway framed in and Rillz spackling the edges. Now ready to paint!

 I like the little corner pieces we picked out.
Well, thats all. Gotta go to the library! Merry Christmas everyone.


HeidiT said...

I can't wait to find out about the baby!!!!! That's funny about the sour candy because I had a major sour gummy worm craving with Camden.
The closet looks SO good! I can't wait to see it with the crib and everything.

Kristi M. said...

Gunnar and I both think the closet looks awesome! Amazing how functional it now looks. Rillz being Mr. Handy...anything for that baby. I am SO excited to find out what you have. I had to laugh about the sour things because I totally love sour patch kids!!! With Brecken and this baby. I knew that Heidi did too. Funny the similarities among the three of us.