Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I am now 28 weeks pregnant. In the start of my 3rd trimester. Sure came fast! Today Rillz and I met with a family doctor to see if we wanted him for her doctor (and ours too). We felt like we grew up 10 years this morning just by having to do that and think about it. My pregnancy has been really easy. She looks good, I feel good... can't ask for more!
I no longer crave spaghettios (thank goodness). I have been eating a lot of Edamame just because they are yummy, healthy, and a quick snack. But no cravings anymore as of right now.
Starting in March I am going to do a prenatal water aerobics class 2 times a week. Sounds fun and will get me moving more.
We don't have a for sure name for her yet. Our top contenders are Aurie, Anuhea, or Ellenore. But it could end up being something totally different. If she was a he we already had a name... Kai'noa but that will have to wait. We are excited to meet her!
I am not working right now. The family I was nannying for moved to Ireland for about 5 months. I am hoping they return after the baby is born and I can continue to be with the girls! So these last two weeks I have been trying to keep myself busy. Yesterday I spent 1 1/2 hours poop scooping the yard. Yes, we had that much poop in the back thanks to three dogs and three months of snowy cold weather. We also bought a changing table that I am scraping the paint off to stain the top to hopefully match our crib. I am not a patient person though when it comes to crafts so this is a challenge for me. I made a dinner menu for the rest of the month. I love it! Takes all the thinking out of having to worry about dinner. I am also addicted to watching a show on Netflix called Locked Up Abroad. Except last night I kept having bad images of some of the episodes and it was me who was locked in jail in a foreign country.
Anyways, enough rambling for now. Peace out...

This was taken at 26 weeks pregnant


Kristi M. said...

Why do you look so much fatter there than I think you do in real life. haha. I had no idea Ellenore was in the mix. So random from the others. In my mind I still call her Aurie. I think it's cute and fitting. What doctor did you go check out. I hear some of the same names floating around, I was just wondering. We LOVE having a family doctor and it helps that we love ours so much. She is awesome!