Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rillz Birthday

Rillz had his birthday February 9th. Now 34 years old. He spent that morning going to the shooting range with Ren, Brent, and Mark. Of course had a blast! (Haha pun intended) and came home wanting a new sort of gun that so and so has. Then Ren and Rillz went to a motorcycle shop just because they wanted to drool over what bike they want. That night we had the family over to celebrate Rillz's birthday and my mom came up with the yummy menu. Thai chicken lettuce wraps and wontons. So good! I definitely had my share of dinner.
Rillz received awesome gifts he was way excited about. And, of course, family was fun to be around. We are always loud, honest, and laughing! Happy 34th Birthday Rillz.

(Rillz, P.S. your present from me is still baking and will be ready around May for you) :)


Kristi M. said...

Your captions had me laughing! What I love about all of our kids, is that they get so excited for the birthday person without being in your face about opening presents and wanting to be the center of attention. Can't stand those kinds of kids and the parents that do nothing about it.