Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gunnars Birthday

Gunnars birthday was fun! Everytime you asked him about his birthday he always said "Thomas party". He wanted a Thomas the Train party really bad! So for his birthday I got him a Thomas DVD and Thomas tin lunch box. He was thrilled. Heidi and Ren made him an amazing Thomas cake. Their cake making is only getting better! There was also great food! Thanks Kristi and Jeff for a fun party!
How awesome is this cake! It is 3d.
Ren formed the nose and mouth for the face in the cake. Great job you two.

Sorry Kristi, you will never have a serious

picture with your husband. HaHa!

What a nice picture!

Here are the kids. So cute. They played in
the garden dirt most of the time.



Kristi M. said...

I think that we are both in the same boat with our other halves not taking serious pictures. Such a fun, nice weather day.