Monday, April 27, 2009


I know, I know, I haven't written for a while. But I am excited to write about my new family member. Well let me start with, YES, Rillz is my boyfriend! We are stuck together like glue. Anyways, he has really wanted a boxer dog and I really wanted a friend for Simon. So I have been looking on Craigslist and the humane society for about a month. Well yesterday I was at my parents (cuz I watch my mom on the weekends when I don't work) and found a girl boxer that was 7 1/2 months old. I called and through a few phone conversations I finally decided I wanted her, yes, without looking at her first. So many people had called already on her and I didn't want to lose the opportunity. So me and mom headed off to Boise to pick her up. EXCITING! She is beautiful and so sweet. We take her home (to my moms house) and let Simon and her play. She had the name Mala but I was going to let Rillz re-name her. Oh yeah, he has no idea I bought him a dog. The two dogs LOVE each other. Rillz came to my parents after work and I showed him our new dog. He was so surprised. His first sentence was "How long are we renting her for". Is that comment good or bad? Oh boy... but it is exactly what he wanted! Rillz was in love. PHEW... he liked his surprise dog. We went to 3 different stores looking at dog stuff.

He couldn't think of a name for her. We noticed she followed Simon EVERYWHERE. So we looked up the Hawaiian word for shadow and it was Malu. So that is her name. Coincedently it is almost exactly like her old name Mala. Weird and not planned. The dogs would not stop playing on the bed so we kicked them out of the bedroom. It got suspiciously quiet in the living room and quickly found out why. Malu doodood and peed in there and Simon peed on the ottomen. Come on dogs... I know they are both potty trained. At bedtime they would not stop playing. Finally at 1:30 it was nice and quiet.

This morning I took them out and they doodood outside. Great Dogs! 30 min. later it started smelling like rotten eggs. Ok who doodood and where? We checked all rooms... nothing... oh wait there it is. While cleaning up that one Malu was at it again in a different spot. I go to work and 2 min. into my drive after leaving the house Rillz calls to say the dogs got out. Oh boy. I turn around (Simon is not easy to catch) I get him in the car, take him home, and head off to work again. When I got to work I got another call from Rillz saying he was locked out of the house. HAHA! I laughed and then me and JAck (thats the little boy I nanny for) went to let Rillz back in. We go inside and Malu pees AGAIN! Hello Malu... weren't you just locked outside for an hour? As I cleaned that up I realized my inside cat only was outside. So I had to get him and bring him back. And Jack opened the door so the dogs almost got out again! OH MY GOODNESS what a zoo! Is it possible for one dog to doodoo 4 times in less than 12 hours. Oh well, I love my dogs! Welcome home Malu.

P.S. I love my hardwood floors even more.

Hardwood + doodoo + cleanup = love

p.s.s I will post pictures when I am home.

This picture isn't her but it is what she looks like


Kristi M. said...

That is so the reason why you have a crate, especially at night. It will cut back on the potty problems and teach the dog that it is her safe place to go. It will also really help at night. Can't wait to see pictures of her. Pretty funny on the name. It will make it way easy for her to adjust to it.

Danielle said...

Wow! You are a dedicated pet owner! Sounds like you are a lot happier, which is so good. That dog looks so cute! I'm excited to see pics of the real deal. Congrats on the new addition!