Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Easter was fun. I took my mom to my Great Aunt Nancys. She always has an easter party at her house. Lots of food and great company. We always eat, have an easter egg hunt for the kids, and an easter toss for the adults. Kristi was my egg partner. We did pretty well. The egg splattered all over Kristis arm when she went to catch it. Heidi and Ren won. There were 4 different groups doing it. After the party me and my mom went to Hannah Montana movie! I loved it! We got popcorn and drinks. Wow they are huge amounts of soda and popcorn.

Congratulations Heidi and Ren!

I was so excited when I heard Ren was pregnant. He is showing so much!

Heidi being embarrassed. But happy that she
doesn't have to carry the baby.

Gunnar was too cute searching for eggs. He would shake
each one to see if there was money or candy in them.
Kristi and Gunnar! Easter 2009


Heidi said...

Hahaha!!! Why do we have to have at least one of those pictures at every family event?