Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie and Julia

Ok so today my mom and I decided to go see a movie. I didn't even have to question what movie I wanted to see. Whether my mom wanted to see it or not my choice was definitely Julie and Julia. Now that I am with a chef our lives are completely planned around food. I just fell in love with the preview. The movie had to be great right?!?
Verdict is.... GREAT story and adorable movie. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams totally won my heart. So funny and completely realistic, not cheezy at all. Story line gets 2 thumbs up...
BUT... part way through the camera crew has terrible shots. In plenty of scenes with "Julia" you can clearly see the microphones dangling down from the top of your screen. This didn't happen once, or twice, but about 10 times. I giggled out loud everytime too. So disappointing because then you focus on that instead of the great movie. So camera action gets one thumbs down.
BUT... I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone! I really did love it. And, in my book, true stories always earns more points automatically! It is inspiring. At least for me. It makes you want to cook those hard recipes in recipe books.

Here is a random thought, when we got out of the movie and into the car I went to put my left over soda cup in the cup holder. It didn't fit. Holy cow. This also happened with me when I went to Burger King a while ago. How gross is that! They made a MEDIUM, thats right not even a large, so huge its bigger than cup holders. Poor america. We all know obesity is a HUGE problem (no pun intended... haha) so what do we do, make portion sizes bigger. Thanks America for helping this food epidemic and congratulations for making us the biggest nation.

Ok thats all...


Heidi said...

I still can't believe the editing crew let that one slide. Ren said the same thing as me when I told him "Are you sure it wasn't part of the scene?" Ha, so weird!
I agree with the portion control thing, it's out of control. I've kind of gotten used to just automatically ordering a size smaller than what I think I want because I can never finish them anyways.

Lizzie said...

I was laughing aloud at your "no pun intended" about the "huge" problem we have. So true. And it's really not funny at all, but the way you write is funny.

Julie and Julie. I still feel so good and cozy inside from watching that movie. LOVED it. And I must not be very observant. Me and two girlfriends saw it and none of us noticed the mic thing. Weird. Do you have that book? I have Baking with Julia which I LOVE, but I think I gain 5 lbs everytime I make one of those recipes ( I don't have a ton of self-control with food).

Anyhow, one last thing. The picture at the top of your blog is BEAUTIFUL. You are gorgeous.

-your cousin-Lizzie