Monday, August 24, 2009

Thrifty Deals

Finally pictures!!

So this morning I went to Albertsons. I got 5 containers of lysol wipes and 1 box of Granola Bars. Before coupons I would have paid $20. After coupons I got all this for $.89. Thats right, not even a dollar. And $.40 of it was tax. The lysol wipes were free and the granola bars were a whopping $.50.

So this is one I did a while ago. 10 pasta/rice sides, 5 wish bone dressings, 4 ragu pasta sauce, 8 skippy peanut butters, 4 mayos, 3 warm delights, 2 brownie mixes, 8 deoderants, 4 vasoline lotions, 5 suave body washes, 2 simply cookies, and 4 boxes of klondike bars. I don't remember how much I should have paid but after coupons I paid $13.82. Yes people, $13.82 for all this. Sometims I surprise myself with the deals I get!

Here is another thrifty deal... my moms garden. Ren built these two planter boxes and Jeff hooked up the watering system. My mom must have one amazing green thumb. The tomatoes are SO delicious and there is plenty of squash and zuccinni.

What the heck is my mom watering the zuccinni with. Steroid water? Look at the size of this thing. The 12'' ruler looks like nothing in comparison.

The very right one is a typical size for a zuccinni. Good gardening mom! I love eating your veggies!


Kristi M. said...

I want more Lysol wipes coupons! Bummer! I love those things. I really should have taken a picture of the big promo a while ago. It may have shocked me and I wished that I added up the overall cost just to make me feel even better. Oh well. When I have more time. That supersized zhuccini us from sheer neglect. I tell ya, that things was hiding on the side. I happen to see it mowing the lawn. The angle must have been just right. 5.3lbs that things was.

Danielle said...

How in the HECK did you get those lysol wipes so cheap?!?! Is the deal still goin on?!!! I LOVE those things! Share the knowlege! Amazing deals.

Lizzie said...

Do you use Or do you have a secret website or are you pure genius....let us know your secret. We're impressed.

Penny Cluff said...

I love the pic of your zuccinni family. How nice to know your mom has not lost her touch. She always was a master gardner, even before she became certified. I think it is in the genetic gene pool. I never have been able to find that link. Oh, by the way, gorgeous pic of you.
Aunt Pen