Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The kitchen

So the kitchen is pretty much finished. At least all the really hard and big stuff. So, finally, here are before and after pictures of whats completed.

Here is the before and after of the kitchen/living room wall. We opened up the doorway and made the fridge cave.


Before... but room cleared out.

The before picture of the outside of the fridge area...
The before doorway...

Finished product...

Before picture of where the fridge and microwave had to go. Took up a lot of room.

The fridge/microwave stand moved out...

Looks and feels much more open.

The before fridge cave... no cave there
After picture... Look at that sexy fridge cave. Oh... and notice the cabinet paint change. We also put wood molding in instead of that hideous rubber stuff.
The floor before... It was lenoleum. It wasn't the worst thing in the kitchen but looks so much nicer with the tile

After... the new floor. We slaved over this dumb floor and it was the hardest and longest part of the kitchen. This picture isn't the best. But o-well... deal.
Our old oven... it was apartment size and very tiny and the oven temp was wrong so I always burned EVERYTHING.

Our new oven! We got it off craigslist for a great deal. Ignore the silver patch behind the oven. That is a work in progress. We eventually will put stainless steal sheets behind the oven and the backsplash. I spray painted a spot to see what it would look like.

For whatever reason I can't find a before picture of this shot. But I painted the cabinets and Rillz and Ren cut out that dishwasher space. The green cabinets are much calmer than the red. The red was just to in your face.

Old dishwasher... again, apartment size. I sold this little one for more than I paid for our new one.

The dishwasher... we got it off craigslist too.

The dishwasher was white with black trim and paneling. All our other appliances were completely black. So I spray painted the white parts with black appliance paint. Turned out great!

We bought this tool bench from Costco before we even started any renovation. We new it would be a perfect fit against this wall. The tool bench has a big butcher block on top too... perfect for prepping dinners on. It gives us more counter space and storage. All our utensils, pots, pans, bowls, knives, measuring spoons/cups, spices, foil and plastic wraps are stored in this tool bench.
People always ask if its a tool bench or if it really was made to go in a kitchen! Either way, we LOVE it in our kitchen. It's perfect.

This is the "backsplash" behind the countertops. We have not bought and put up the stainless steal yet. That is pretty much all we have left to do though. Oh, we bought kitchen things from Ikea that I can't wait to put up too!

Finally my kitchen is pretty much complete and my house isn't one big dust ball. Since our kitchen has been put back together we have NOT wanted to eat out. We were so sick of fast food and take out and restaurants. Rillz and I just get so excited to cook now. It doesn't feel as stressful as it used to in the old cramped kitchen. I know my kitchen is small but now it feels more efficiant and easier to move around in.


Kristi M. said...

Man, I forgot what the before used to look like and it is definately much better and more efficient now. I can't wait to see what you picked up at Ikea. They have some pretty neat kitchen things there.


beautiful. that butcher counter thing is really cool! How creative to use it in the kitchen, it totally looks like a kitchen thing- not a tool thing- awesome!

katy said...

It looks really good. Everyone did such a great job and I bet it seems so open now. So cute.

Danielle said...

I love it! I especially love that creative use of the took bench! So cool. Everything looks GREAT! Love the tile. Love all the updates. Looks awesome!!!

Jess said...

Nice!!! Cody and I just looked at the pics and we LOVE IT! I really like the tile you picked. It looks fantastic!