Friday, September 17, 2010

A new addition

We have a new baby in our family! Rillz's sister had a sweet little girl on Wednesday September 15. Her name is Gracey Milan Kealani Noone. Girlie and David didn't want to find out what it was. I immediately guessed a girl. I guess the majority of people said boy. Well, it's a girl and she is so adorable! Her hair is black, thick, and curly. We just love her already. She had a fever coming out but baby and mom are doing really well! Rillz's sister and brother-in-law live in Florida and Rillz and I were lucky to see her when she was less then a day old. Girlie came home tonight (Friday) and Gracey gets to come home tomorrow morning. I was told that Girlie was laughing and texting on her phone during labor. Crazy girl!

Gracey is 7 lbs. 10 oz. and 20 in. long.

We are all so happy for David and Girlie. It is the first baby on Rillz's side of the family. I will have to take pictures this week of David and Girlie with their baby. We just adore her and love her so much!

Welcome to the family sweet Gracey!

I made stuff for the baby. Not knowing what the gender was made it diffuct too. Here is a blanket I sewed. Let me tell you... such a pain! I had to learn a lot about my sewing machine and how to use different foots for it just to do this quilt. Took hours and lots of frustration to do! But, it's pretty cute.

Kristi also helped me make an awesome Baby ABC scrapbook. We both worked on it 7 hours straight. Kristi is SO creative and talented when it comes to crafty stuff. We couldn't make it boyish or girlish. Oops, pictures are sideways. Sorry.

Alright, got a lot of eating to do now. Peace out!


HeidiT said...

Ahhh, she is SOOO adorable! I'm so glad you posted pictures of her. And Rillz looks like a pro holding her -- good thing he's got some practice with Brecken.
The gifts turned out super cute. And now that know it's a girl you can go all crazy with the frilly, cutsy things while you guys are there. I bet Rillz mom is just dying with excitement over finally being a grandma.

Danielle said...

What an ADORABLE baby! Soooo cute. And I LOVE that blanket! Soooo cute! You did a great job!

Kristi M. said...

She is soooo stinkin cute! Holy cow she is cute! Her face/head even looks all normal. I'm with Heidi, Rillz looks like a pro. You guys have had babies coming every couple of months. Auntie and Uncle times three this year for you guys. How fun! That blanket turned out really cute! The stickers for your album are perfect. The album totally fits them. Great job. Have you guys gone girl shopping yet there? I bet Rillz's parents are over the moon excited.

Penny Cluff said...

Rilz looks right at home with a baby in his arms. She is a doll. Your blanket looks very pro. Love the words. I can understand how much time the memory book took...which is why I don't do them.